General Hospital Spoilers: Cyrus Toys With Drew, Is His Reformation For Real Or Not?

General Hospital spoilers and updates tease Cyrus Renault (Jeff Kober) will toy with Drew Cain, (Cameron Mathison) making his deathbed reformation questionable.

Drew, having been a Navy Seal is suspicious about Cyrus’ reformation anyway, familiar with the saying there aren’t any atheists in foxholes!

General Hospital Spoilers – Elmer Gantry Evangelism

Cyrus might think that Drew isn’t all that well read, turning down the holy Bible to read in favor of books about rivers.

General Hospital: Cyrus Renault (Jeff Kober)

But Drew knows something about Cyrus by reading a classic book about a phony evangelist, Elmer Gantry, written by Sinclair Lewis in 1926.

A movie was later made as well, but the subject was a rising evangelist who secretly lived a life totally against that which he preached-in other words, hypocrisy.

As Cyrus continues to toy with Drew, Drew recognizes what he calls “Elmer Gantry evangelism” and he comes very close to asking Cyrus if he’d ever heard of it.

Cyrus’ sister, Laura Collins (Genie Francis) has scoffed at Cyrus’ “redemption” from the beginning, when he tried to convince her he was a changed man.

GH Spoilers – What Is Cyrus Renault’s Scam This Time?

Drew puzzles over what Cyrus’ scam is this time, even as he tries to convince Drew that he truly is a changed man-this time.

The last time Cyrus gave Drew a Bible it had a shiv in it, although he admits it did come in handy, and in prison things like that can be necessary.

It helped him defend himself against Book (Brad Schmidt) in the prison fight in which he saved Cyrus’ life.

Drew explained that didn’t mean Cyrus meant anything to him, he couldn’t let anyone be killed in front of him, especially an older man.

Cyrus told Drew that he is the kind of man that Cyrus wants to be – he inspires him, but Drew suspects Cyrus is using fake flattery to gain his trust.

General Hospital Spoilers – Time Will Tell And Testing

Time will tell, and testing, but Drew still doesn’t buy Cyrus’ reformation act-an out of body experience can be scary, he’s heard, but real change will take time to prove.

Drew is no military chaplain but he tells Cyrus he understands the past is difficult to overcome, especially with a past like his.

It will take overcoming peoples’ disbelief with patience, and thumping and reading Bibles won’t do it.

People are cynical and don’t believe people can change and it can take years to prove they have. Drew doesn’t hate Cyrus but he’s not his best friend either.