General Hospital Spoilers: Maurice Benard Names His Most Memorable Enemy In GH History- And Sonny’s Had Many Over The Years!

Sonny’s most memorable enemy REVEALED! …I’m not sure how I would take it if I was given that title. Actually, never mind.

Being named Sonny Corinthos’s most memorable enemy is nothing short of an honor. Especially if that’s what you were going for all along.

Undoubtedly, Sonny has had the cream of the crop when it comes to top tier villains. Over the years, all of Sonny’s enemies gave him a

run for his money. From Frank Smith to Faith Rosco (Cynthia Preston), Manny Ruiz to Anthony Zacchara, Sonny’s had his mob work cut out for him. And of all the men and woman who’ve ever had it out for Sonny have tried and failed. But there is only one “the boss” has named his most memorable enemy.

As you know, Maurice Benard is currently on tour. Maurice Benard: The Milestone Tour, is hitting the east coast and mid-west areas. In the past GH fans have expressed their interest in seeing Maurice at fan events outside of his own region. However, it became widely known that Maurice was never a big fan of flying. Understandably, this issue served as an obstacle for Maurice and fans to connect.

Maurice shares

Well, fast forward to present day, and Maurice has overcome so much! In 2023 his determination overpowered his fears and he hopped on that place in March. It was the first time flying without his wife, Paula. Naturally, with every experience brings one more at ease with the situation. Maurice is bigger than his fears and it shows. I for one am particularly grateful for this milestone as he finally paid a visit to good ole Detroit (technically, Royal Oak).

That being said, we have some GH spoilers to share- straight from the mobster’s mouth. Thursday night’s event drew General Hospital fans together for an evening with the iconic Maurice Benard. There he spoke to fans about his passions, vulnerabilities, told jokes, laughed and even teared up. During his show, fans were able to ask questions. That’s when someone asked Maurice who he considered to be Sonny’s most memorable enemy.

It didn’t take the family man with a gangster’s alter ego long to spill the tea. The last three decades provide ample opportunities to choose the his biggest villain since each and every one has left a mark. Ultimately, General Hospital Blog reveals that Benard hands Ted King aka Alcazar (Luis and Lorenzo) the honorable title. The early 2000s was wild with mob drama in Port Charles. From 2003-2007, Alcazar was Sonny’s biggest threat… and apparently he left a mark!