General Hospital Preview: Bobbie’s Beautiful Gift to Carly Will Keep Her Memory Alive Forever

General Hospital is going to pay at least one lovely tribute to the late Jacklyn Zeman and Bobbie Spencer without even planning to.

In the July 24 episode, Carly reveals to daughter Josslyn that Bobbie has signed over Kelly’s to her for $1. “She plans on paying her full market value eventually,” Laura Wright tells Soap Opera Digest.

And here’s the thing: “This whole beat was written before Jackie passed away,” the Emmy winner explained.

“They have not had the character of Bobbie die, and Carly doesn’t inherit Kelly’s from the character, which would have been a beautiful thing…

“But,” she continued, “this was a choice made a while ago by the writers.”

Laura Wright, Jacklyn Zeman
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Episode # 13860
U.S. Airdate 08/03/17

Carly’s plan is to remix Kelly’s into a hot spot to rival the Metro Court. Which is a lotta pressure to put on clam chowder and BLTs. But if anybody can do it, it’s Carly, whose family has run the eatery for eons. (Right, Aunt Ruby?) In the meantime, “Kelly’s is basically the safety net that Carly needs to stay afloat” while she pays off her massive debt to the SEC.

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As yet, there has been no word on how the soap will officially handle the passing of beloved vet Zeman, who died on May 10. But keeping Kelly’s as a Spencer property is a nice start, even if it was accidental. There’s also the chance of this character being brought in, thereby keeping Bobbie, in a way, alive in perpetuity. (See who we mean here.)