General Hospital: Trina Loses Everything, All At Once

Every soap has a couple that the story keeps running in circles with. And for General Hospital, it is Spencer and Trina.

Much to their shippers dismay, who love to call them SPRINA! It was after a painfully long wait, a recast and a prison stint later,

that the couple finally came together! The fandom rejoiced like never before! But alas! Nothings stays the same forever on soaps.

Does it now? Thus, just as Spencer and Trina got on the fast-track to a happily ever after, GH may have possibly thrown a monkey wrench in the engine already! Does that mean the SPRINA love-boat is about to sink? Keep reading TV Season & Spoilers for more information!

Esme Becomes The Third Wheel In Spencer and Trina’s Romance
Ions ago, on General Hospital, Esme piggybacked on Spencer to make her way into Port Charles. Ever since then, she has created literal havoc in many lives over the years. Starting from framing Trina for filming Cam and Joss’ sex tape to destroying Nik and Ava’s marriage. And then becoming pregnant with Nik’s child, all the while being in a relationship with Spencer! It’s no surprise that she is so hated by the PC residents. However, now that Esme has lost her memory and given birth to Ace, she is still being met by the softer side of the townies. But does she really deserve it? Especially since she might be up to something really notorious!

General Hospital

Esme has become a constant thorn in Trina’s side on General Hospital. Trina had confided in Joss that she is not sure how long she can go through with Esme and Ace continuously derailing Spencer and her time together. Moreover, recently, Joss spotted Esme getting really chummy with Spencer after a parenting class the duo took together for Ace’s sake. Later, Joss confronted Esme and demanded to know if she is trying to steal Trina’s boyfriend. Furthermore, she accused her for all the nefarious stunts she had pulled in the past.

This eventually made Esme resolve to find out the truth about her forgotten life on General Hospital! This also, by the way, includes the part where she and Spencer were a couple and had a lot in common! We flinch at the thought of where that could be going!

Will Trina Lose Spencer To Esme On General Hospital?
General Hospital spoilers tease that Heather Webber is about to make a comeback! Thus, we can assume that Esme will reach out to her mother in hopes of getting her help in regaining her memory. Knowing Heather, there is no doubt that nothing heavenly is about to come out of this mother-daughter reunion! There will only be more chaos and fire everywhere! But, the concern right now is, will that fire engulf Trina and Spencer’s relationship? Trina is currently going through a lot! She recently found out that Curtis is her bio-dad. It was only moments ago that the two started bonding, and now Trina could be on the verge of losing him.

Curtis got shot at the Metro Court shoot-out on General Hospital. Currently, his life is hanging by a thread, while Trina is battling fears of losing him. Will she soon have to battle fears of losing Spencer too? General Hospital’s executive producer had teased on Twitter that Esme may make a move on Spencer while Trina is occupied with Curtis. We wonder if that’s where the story is heading now! Esme might feel that there may have been some truth in her relationship with Spencer in the past. And getting back together with him might just make life so much easier for her and Ace. Now add Heather to that concoction!

That’s a sure-shot recipe for disaster! Heater Webber will surely add fuel to Esme’s fire of wanting Spencer to herself. Moreover, she might come up with horrifying means of getting the task done. This might not end very well for Trina! She might just lose it all, if Heather and Esme reunite to snatch Spencer from her! Stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more General Hospital updates!