Cyrus Thanks Drew by Paying Carly’s SEC Fine on General Hospital?

General Hospital spoilers have Cyrus Renault (Jeff Kober) ready to give away his piles of criminal cash to do good and

this could see him thank Drew Cain (Cameron Mathison) for saving his life by settling Carly Corinthos Spencer‘s (Laura Wright) SEC fine.

Cyrus Renault Owed Drew Cain his Life on General Hospital
After his near-death experience on GH, Cyrus Renault wants to use his ill-gotten money to do good. Already, he told Martin Grey (Michael E Knight) to set up a program at Pentonville. He wants to train convicts on skills to set them up for a better life after prison.

But Cyrus definitely also owes Drew Cain on General Hospital. Now, it’s twice he intervened and saved him from violence from other prisoners at the penitentiary.

The last time, it was literally a life-saving moment. Cyrus collapsed with a heart attack and the prison doctor couldn’t get there.

Carly Corinthos Owes $5 Million – Will Cyrus Help out on GH?
Carly Corinthos Spencer owed a $5 million fine for insider trading. And maybe she’s a recipient of Cyrus’ thankful generosity. Recall, the bad man would be dead if not for Drew.

No doubt, Cyrus knows that Carly owes a huge fine on General Hospital. He stays current on people’s lives that are of interest to him. And that includes Drew Cain and his gal pal Carly Corinthos.

There are other wealthy people that could pay Carly’s debt. But Diane Miller (Carolyn Hennesy) warned her against that. She says it’ll cause even more problems. Watch the video below to see how this could all unfold.

No doubt, Cyrus Renault has plenty of money, as seen on General Hospital. Will he pay off the debt of Drew Cain’s lady love as a thank you for saving his life? So, is this how Carly Corinthos Spencer gets out of this situation on the ABC soap opera?