General Hospital: The Culprit Is REVEALED, Mystery SOLVED

Just as Sonny jumped into action to figure out his long list of enemies on General Hospital, he suffered an unexpected setback.

The feds arrested Sonny over some evidence they found against him. However, it is unlikely that they stumbled upon it all on their own.

We are confident, that someone who’s out to get Sonny literally placed it in the FBI’s palms. But who could’ve done it?

There are some very obvious culprits. But could really be that simple? Let’s find out!

The Obvious Culprit Or Just A Red Herring?

As soon as you say these three words, Sonny, evidence and FBI, in one sentence, it points at one person who was just waiting to pull that stunt. Josslyn! She kept pushing Carly to turn Dex’s evidence against Sonny to the feds to get him out of her and Dex’s life. However, Carly pulled the plug on that plan. So we can’t help but wonder if Joss went a little rogue here and sneaked the flash drive to the FBI. Perhaps, anonymously. But then, there is a bigger, badder wolf out there to get Sonny. Cyrus Renault!

General HospitalGH/ Could it be Joss or Cyrus?

The over the top, praise the heavens sort of reaction that Cyrus had made us wonder if her was only finding pleasure in Sonny’s arrest. Or was he celebrating the success of his plan? To most viewers, the second option would seem like the most obvious choice! As it should. Because General Hospital is deliberately trying to lead us down that road. And that little fact right there is a hint at Cyrus being a red herring! GH loved throwing plenty of those our way every now and then! So there is a good chance that we will soon find out that Cyrus actually had nothing to do with Sonny’s arrest.

If Not Them, Then WHODUNNIT On General Hospital?

Well, like we said, Sonny’s list of enemies is quite long on General Hospital. So if Joss or Cyrus did not do it, there is still a large pool of options to pick from! For instance, just like Joss, Michael and Dex were quite focused on taking Sonny down. However, on Willow’s insistence Michael dropped his quest against Sonny. But now, considering that Willow is quite recovered. There is a chance that Michael and Dex could have joined forces against Sonny yet again!

GH/ Are Michael and Dex after Sonny again?

But if that’s not the case then we still have the option of Selena Wu and Valentin Corinthos on General Hospital! Now, Selena’s intentions are no secret to the viewers! She has been trying to gain access to some of Sonny’s operations for the longest time. She even tried to recruit Gladys to bring her some intel on Sonny. So there is a possibility that she may have found a way to plant a rat in Sonny’s crew and collected evidence against the mobster.

General HospitalGH/ Could it be Valentin or Selena?

As for Valentin Cassadine, he has been acting really shady for sometime on General Hospital. For a little while there it looked like he could be Pikeman, or even the enemy who was trying to attack Anna! But in reality, it could be that it’s actually Sonny he was after all this time! What do you think? Tell us in the comments below. Meanwhile, stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more General Hospital updates on who the real rat is !