General Hospital Preview: Will Sasha and Cody Punish Gladys?

Spent any amount of time in a social media forum where General Hospital is discussed, and you’ll quickly find out just

how divided viewers are on every aspect of the show. You’ll also learn that even the unlikeliest of pairings or

characters have folks out there who support them. Remember when the entire world seemed ready to

don a shirt declaring their hatred of villainous Peter August? Even he had fans who hoped the character might be redeemed.

But at long last, we may have found the one thing that made the entire General Hospital audience cheer: When Cody managed to not only outsmart evil Dr. Montague, but leave the baddie bound and tied in his skivvies so Sasha and her rescuer could make their escape.

Heck, when we posted a pic of the moment on Instagram, the reaction was swift and overwhelming. The collective sentiments were perhaps best summed up by user Amourcubs, who wrote, “I was screaming ‘Go, Cody, go!’”

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There was, however, another overwhelming sentiment… which was that his partner-in-crime needs to be next on Cody’s hit-list.

“The only thing better,” said Claudiafox40, “would have been Gladys right next to him!”

While Gladys has expressed regret in recent days — even confessing everything to Nina in the hope of helping to set free her former daughter-in-law — it seems to be a case of “too little, too late” where most viewers are concerned. In fact, when we asked our Facebook followers if Gladys should be punished for her role in Sasha’s trauma, literally hundreds of you responded with an emphatic “Yes!” (Or, as one put it, “What kind of question is that?”)

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If there’s one good thing Gladys and the devilish doc have done, it’s help viewers see Cody and Sasha in a new light. And in the days ahead, the two will become even closer as he tries to help her kick the drugs pumped into her system by Montague. But otherwise, the anger toward the late Brando’s mom is growing… so much so that we’ve begun to fear she might wind up on the wrong end of an old-fashioned soap murder mystery.

Heck, we’ve even helped the PCPD by compiling the handy suspect list you’ll find in the gallery below!