General Hospital Spoilers: An Anonymous Benefactor Pays Off Carly’s SEC Fine For Her, But Who?

General Hospital spoilers report Carly Spencer’s (Laura Wright) stress is mounting as one tragedy after another continues

to kick her while she’s down. Next up, rumor has it Bobbie Spencer (Jaclyn Zeman) will turn Carly’s world

upside down when she dies suddenly. How much is one woman supposed to give up at one time and not fall down?

Much to Carly’s surprise, someone is going to come through for her in her time of need, although we aren’t likely to know who this mysterious do-gooder is for some time. Viewers are loving the chance to speculate and hold out hope that their fan favorite might be behind Carly’s good fortune.

General Hospital Spoilers — Jason is Alive
We’re all holding out hope for this outcome, right? Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) was said to have succumbed to his injuries when a mountain of rubble crashed upon him and sensors found no sign of movement, heart rate, or breathing beneath the pile. Of course, in the land of soaps, that’s not good enough.

General Hospital Spoilers: An Anonymous Benefactor Pays Off Carly’s SEC Fine For Her, But Who?

Britt Westbourne (Kelly Thiebaud) wouldn’t stand for it and neither will we. It’s possible Jason is still out there, and he’s waiting for the right time to come home and cause waves — and boy would he. If he is watching from a distance, he knows Carly has fallen for his twin brother, Drew Cain (Cameron Mathison). Maybe coming home when Drew is unavailable to Carly is perfect timing. Will Jason find a way to pay Carly’s debts and re-enter her life at a time when everything else feels as though it’s falling apart?

GH Spoilers Tease Jasper Jax Sends His Love
Some fans think a different former flame will come to Carly’s aid. This time, he’s not dead but he sure has been absent. Jasper ‘Jax’ Jacks (Ingo Rademacher) has been gone from the Port Chuck scene since November of 2021 following his release when his religious exemption to ABC Disney’s Covid-19 vaccine mandate was denied, much like Steve Burton’s.

But Ingo left a bit more damage in his wake after filing a lawsuit against the company for discrimination, among other issues laid out in the suit. Was he telling the truth? Fans are split but the lawsuit was snuffed out before any real progress could be made to flesh out the facts under oath. Now, fans are wondering what lies ahead for Jax. Will Ingo come back? Some fans believe it will be Jax who comes through for Carly and pays off her debt, since her other ex — Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) — can’t do it without getting entangled in a legal mess.

General Hospital Spoilers — Bobbie Came Through
Of course, losing her mother is going to devastate Carly, but it’s possible Bobbie could leave quite a windfall in the wake of her death that serves to pay off Carly’s SEC fine of $5 Million and allow her to start over and move beyond all of this. Who will she move on with this time? Stay tuned for more General Hospital news and spoilers to find out.