General Hospital Preview Video For The Week : Curtis Demands Separation, Sonny Demands The Truth

General Hospital Preview Video For The Week  reveals that Curtis will spiral downwards in light of his latest tragedy.

Consequently, making a demand that will leave Portia devastated. Meanwhile, Ava will face-off with Avery’s new nanny,

who will gain the upper hand? Later, Sonny will sense Ava’s restlessness and demand to know the truth. Will she open up to him? Dive right in to find out!

Curtis Asks Portia To Leave Him
Previously, on General Hospital, Curtis became collateral damage in the Metro Court shoot-out, that left him with a bullet lodged near his spine. Although the doctors managed to remove the bullet and save his life, Curtis might be in for a long-term damage. The preview video for the week , shows that the bullet and the surgery has left Curtis paralyzed. In light of the tragedy, he demands Portia to let him go if he can never walk again.

General Hospital

However, it is unlikely that Portia would back out and leave Curtis like this. While some tragedies break marriages apart, there are some that bring partners closer. And the look on Portia’s face in the preview video suggest the latter. Moreover, Trina has just found out that Curtis is her bio-dad, so neither Portia, nor Trina will give up on Curtis and their family so easily. So we’ll have to wait and watch how the trio navigates through these difficult times.

General Hospital Spoilers: Sonny Asks Ava To Tell Him The Truth
Next, Ava has become hard pressed under the pressure Mason and his boss are creating on her. The General Hospital Preview video for the week  reveals that Betty will make her dominance felt as the new Nanny. “There is nothing you can do about it,” she tells Ava in the sneak peek, as the latter looks on in terror and helplessness. In a quick scene the video shows Ava lurking behind Betty, as the nanny stands by the parapet. Perhaps considering pushing her over. However, she chooses not to.

Later, Sonny corners Ava and demands some answers. ” You are scared, I can tell. What the hell’s going on?” he asks in the General Hospital preview video. Ava has been keeping way too many secretes and putting her own, as well as, Avery’s life in danger. Moreover, she is literally starting to crack under the pressure of it all. Thus, it would probably be a good idea for her to confess it all to Sonny. He has the bandwidth to handle such matters better. And if Ava does confess, the stakes will rise ten times higher! So stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more General Hospital updates

on how the story progresses. Also, check out the preview video here.