General Hospital spoilers for two weeks ahead from Monday, September 11, to Friday, September 22. has the latest, new General Hospital spoilers for two weeks ahead from

Monday, September 11, to Friday, September 22. While Sonny makes a confession

, Gladys receives shocking news — plus, a new plan is forged and one woman wants answers!

General Hospital spoilers for Monday, September 11:

During his latest crisis, Sonny’s family and friends are there to show their support. (We suspect a few of his enemies will happily show up as well!)

This scene completely warmed our hearts… Maurice Benard comforts a fan who reveals, “It’s like a dream.”

Maxie fills Felicia in on what’s been going on.

Esme hasn’t always made the best choices, but today she’s smart enough to make herself scarce.

TJ and Molly have news they’re ready to share.

How will Spencer’s very romantic gesture be received? It looks as if there’s both good news and potentially very bad news for ‘Sprina’ fans on the horizon. Here’s what we mean…

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday, September 12:

Here’s something we never thought we’d say: Sonny makes a confession. But of what and to whom?

Gladys gets some pretty disturbing news. Is the woman who’s caused so much trouble on her way out?

Ignoring what they say happened to the questioning cat, Chase can’t help but give in to his curiosity.

Liz has one of those moments all mothers anticipate and dread when she realizes Jake is growing up faster than she’d like.

To whom does Michael pay an unexpected visit?

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday, September 13:

The generally unflappable Maxie is downright confrontational.

Dante and Sam try working together toward a common goal.

Tracy proves that few people in Port Charles can match her when it comes to being stubborn.

Being a cop, it’s not surprising that Jordan is looking for answers.

Carly finds herself in the pretty familiar position of grilling Sonny. But seeing as they’re no longer married, will he feel obliged to share with her?

Last week, one moment absolutely thrilled pretty much every viewer. But now, here’s what they really, really, really want to see next…

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday, September 14:

Sasha is in for the kind of shock that will rock a girl’s world.

We may find out just how much influence Austin really has — or doesn’t have — over Ava when he begs her to see things his way.

Dante gives voice to his regret.

Carly’s been working hard to try and free her beau. Might the plan she and Drew forge make that a reality?

Trina is about to receive the kind of offer she definitely can’t refuse.

General Hospital spoilers for Friday, September 15:

Martin is definitely not going to like what he sees.

Although Nikolas and Alexis have always been close, they haven’t always seen eye to eye. So when he makes a request, will she grant it?

Ava’s not exactly looking to hear Carly’s thoughts, but Sonny’s ex-wife is going to offer it anyway.

Trina and Josslyn sit down for an honest conversation.

The tensions between Anna and Valentin are about to reach the breaking point when she calls him on the carpet.

General Hospital spoilers week of September 18:

General Hospital spoilers for Monday, September 18:

Last week, Anna called her beau out. Today, he’s getting a major shock… are the two related? Could this mean big trouble for our beloved Vanna?

Martin’s been trying to avoid answering a few key questions — especially when Lucy’s asking them! But today, he may find himself unable to squirm off the hot seat.

Brook Lynn decides it’s time to come clean.

Does Marshall have good reason to be concerned?

Nina tries to offer a helping hand.

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday September 19:

Proving he can be a stubborn guy when he needs to be, Marshall draws a line in the sand.

While Ned’s loved ones wish he would go away, Eddie Maine’s fans will be thrilled when he actually books a gig!

Portia can’t help feeling as if she’s on the outside, looking in.

Will Dex take Sonny’s words of warning to heart?

Someone swings by to see Anna… which sounds completely innocuous. But seeing as her life’s been in danger quite a bit lately, we’re going to assume this isn’t the Avon lady calling!

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday, September 20:

We suspect Tracy will not take it well when Brook Lynn puts her granny on blast.

The Deception offices are rife with tension of late, and that’ll only get worse when Lucy and Maxie clash. Meanwhile, Nina does her darndest to tread lightly in a potentially fraught situation!

Cody apologizes.

As Gregory’s situation worsens, Finn and Elizabeth each weigh in on his future care.

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday, September 21:

Drew fills Carly in on the latest prison happenings.

Diane recently asked Robert for help with Carly and Drew’s case. When the hot-shot attorney takes a meeting with her favorite Aussie, will he have any new info for her?

Anna finds herself reaching a dead end.

Willow goes to Sam to ask for a favor.

Dante has been suspicious of Valentin for some time now… will their meeting today help assuage the cop’s concerns?

General Hospital spoilers for Friday, September 22:

Curtis has a few concerns he’s been keeping under his hat. Will revealing his reservations help clear the air?

Spencer and Trina find themselves filled with anticipation. (Are they finally, as teased in Fall Preview, “taking things to the next level,” as they say? And why do we fear the timing is so problematic?)

Cyrus recently warned that Drew was no longer being protected… and now, someone is targeting Carly’s boyfriend! Is he in serious danger?

Is the good news Molly receives in regards to the surrogacy?

Kristina will finally have someone other than her family to talk to when she makes a new friend.

And before you go, take a look at our gallery below filled with soap stars and their lookalikes.

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