General Hospital: Valentin Has A Secret Connection With Blair, Big STORYLINE SHAKEUP

General Hospital is riding high on thrill factor these days. Pelting out one surprise after the other.

One mystery here, one new character there. The gripping drama literally has viewers on their seat’s

edge wondering what will happen next. Recently, we reported to you the news of yet another exciting crossover.

One Life To Live’s (Blair Kassie DePaiva) is set to enter the ABC soap in the upcoming episodes.

Currently, the notion is that she will be portraying Martin’s ex-wife. But what if there is something more to her? Keep reading to find out!

Martin Builds The Hype Around Blair

For many weeks now, Martin had been dropping hints about what a nightmare his ex-wife is on General Hospital. He has been giving heads up to Lucy about the nasty storm that she could be. However, there is a chance that Martin could have been exaggerating whatever he said, because of the fear of what he had done. Certain spoilers are hinting that there is a possibility that Martin stole the idea of The Deceptor from Blair. Thus, now she is returning for revenge.

We know that Tracy is suing Deception and asking Lucy to surrender 70 % of it to her on General Hospital. Now, in the upcoming episodes, the noose may get tighter around her neck when Blair joins Tracy. the spoilers tease that both the woman are going to merge forces. So there is definitely going to be a lot of drama there. However, the thrill will not be limited only to to court-room drama and legal battles. Something tells us that there is more to Blair than just being Martin’s jilted ex. Because it is a little hard to digest that the makers would bring Blair in just to stand beside Tracy! So what’s really going on?

General Hospital spoilers for the week of September 18-22, 2023, reveal that Valentin will come face-to-face with an unexpected visitor. Furthermore, the spoilers also state that he will be in utter shock, and the surprise element will also extend to Anna. Now, we know Valentin is keeping some deep secretes form Anna. Moreover, she has even reached a point where she is spying and following him. Thus, there is a chance that Anna may find Valentin having a secret meeting with Blair!

General Hospital

But what could this meeting be about? One of the biggest mystery on General Hospital these days is, Pikeman. What if Blair too, has some connections to the security agency? Alternatively, there is still that pending curious case of the mystery lady Austin and Mason used to communicate with. Sure, GH may have rewritten history and make Cyrus the boss. But what if there is another person involved in the ring? For all we know Blair could have her gingers in many pies! Martin, Valentin, Cyrus! As of now, your guess is as good as ours! So take pick your pick and tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more General Hospital updates on Blair’s truth!