General Hospital Update: September 20 – Villain Exposure, Romantic Proposal and Panic at the Cabin

General Hospital (GH) spoilers update for Thursday, September 14, reveals that Ava Jerome

(Maura West) will rip into Austin Gatlin-Holt (Roger Howarth) when it seems

like he’s betraying her. Ava isn’t someone who likes being double-crossed, so she’ll fight back when Austin tries it!

However, Austin may argue that the game has changed now that the boss’ Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) plot has blown up.

Cyrus Renault (Jeff Kober) may use this to drag Austin back into more drama despite telling him that he could go in peace.

Regardless, Austin will caution Ava about her next move since there’s so much to lose.

General Hospital Update: Thursday, September 14 – Villain Exposure, Romantic Proposal and Panic at the Cabin

Although Austin should continue to hide Cyrus’ involvement, he’ll want Ava to understand that their lives are at stake along with the lives of people she cares about.

Of course, Sonny is eager to find out who Austin and Mason Gatlin (Nathanyael Grey) have been working for.

Carly Spencer (Laura Wright) agreed to pitch in, so she’ll visit the slammer with Sonny as they move forward with a plan involving Drew Cain (Cameron Mathison).

Drew may become Sonny’s eyes and ears inside Pentonville since Sonny needs to find out who Austin’s been coming to see.

Cyrus spends most of his time talking to Drew about Sonny, so that fact could help connect the dots sooner or later.

Sonny needs to wise up and realize that Cyrus is the one causing trouble, which wouldn’t be too difficult if he’d really stop and think about it.

More Cyrus issues are indeed brewing since he’ll fume over his Sonny setback and could take his fury out on Drew as a result.

Next, Dex Heller (Evan Hofer) will express his relief to Josslyn Jacks (Eden McCoy) over Sonny’s freedom, but she might be a little disappointed deep down.

Whatever the case, there’ll be some situation where Josslyn mistakenly thinks Dex is breaking up with her or sees the potential for that to happen.

Dex will seem amused over Josslyn’s thought process, so he may assure her that he’s not dumping her anytime soon.

Other GH spoilers say Joshua Benard will reprise the role of Adam, Josslyn’s classmate at PCU.

Look for Adam to pop up within the next episode or two and potentially serve as sounding board for Joss as they strengthen their connection.

Once Spencer Cassadine (Nicholas Alexander Chavez) catches up with Trina Robinson (Tabyana Ali), he’ll hint about solving a problem.

Spencer will have a proposition for Trina to mull over, but she won’t have to contemplate long.

It seems likely Spencer will invite Trina to have a special evening – just the two of them.

Spencer may assure Trina that he’s arranged for them to have no interruptions, so they may both realize they’re on the verge of making love for the first time ever.

Esme Prince (Avery Pohl) has already been looking for a new place to live, so that could bring some mixed emotions for Spencer regarding Ace Cassadine (Jay and Joey Clay) eventually.

For now, Spencer will concentrate on Trina and his desire to hit the sheets with her, so they’ll be on the same page about their nervous yet ecstatic energy.

Spencer and Trina will indeed have a night to remember in the not-too distant future.

At the Metro Court, Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) will once again seek info from Olivia Quartermaine (Lisa LoCicero) about “Eddie Maine” aka Ned Quartermaine (Wally Kurth).

Olivia would like for her husband to remember and come back to her, but she’ll try to make the best of a difficult situation in the meantime.

Nina will mostly just be glad that “Eddie” hasn’t faced a memory flood, which could end in catastrophe for her if he recalls her SEC snitching.

At the cabin, alarm bells will go off for Cody Bell (Josh Kelly) and Sasha Gilmore (Sofia Mattsson) when they face an unexpected arrival.

Luckily, that panic should fade fast. It’ll just be a surprise visit from Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna) and perhaps Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) once she shows Dante where the cabin hideout is.

Dante will have a sincere apology for Cody since he initially didn’t put enough stock in Cody’s theory about Sasha and Gladys Corbin (Bonnie Burroughs).

Of course, Dante will also tell Sasha that he’s deeply sorry for letting this go on so long and will be determined to make things right.

As for Sasha, she’ll feel seriously betrayed by Gladys and may argue that she needs to pay!

Once Sasha gets more updates on Gladys and Dr. Montague’s scheme, she might show off her vengeful side.