“Family Reunion in Shape September 18, 2023: Shocking Discovery About Sasha and Cody’s Twins”

General Hospital (GH) spoilers reveal that Sasha Gilmore (Sofia Mattsson) recently opened up to

Cody Bell (Josh Kelly) about all her losses and how she felt like she didn’t belong in Port Charles

. Since Sasha mentioned her mother in that conversation, the show might be gearing up for a big reveal about her biological parents.

Let’s look at some of Sasha’s dialogue from the September 12 episode since it could be important.

GH writers might be laying the groundwork for a major revelation based on the latest clues.

“I barely even remember my mother,” Sasha admitted tearfully. “My grandmother showed me pictures, and I know the facts and the dates, but it’s just another story.”

Of course, dialogue like that seemingly sets the stage for Sasha to learn more about her mother eventually – though the facts may not line up with what her grandmother told her.

This mystery is wide open since Sasha’s still kind of a blank slate after all these years.

Sasha didn’t mention her father, but he might offer yet another opportunity for GH writers to reveal more about her past.

That brings us to the connection between Sasha and Cody. Although Cody certainly cares about Sasha and has been fighting hard to protect her, their relationship doesn’t necessarily seem romantic.

Sasha and Cody have the potential to become a couple if they grow closer and this turns into a romantic storyline, but the writers could be doing something else entirely.

What if Cody and Sasha have a sibling bond instead?

When Cody pushed Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) to get on board with his plan, he urged her to consider how she’d feel if one of her sisters was trapped and suffering at Ferncliff.

Maybe that was a subtle way of implying that Cody was actually fighting to help his own sister! It’s possible Sasha and Cody are twins if the show wants to go with that classic soapy twist.

Perhaps Dominique Stanton (Shell Danielson) actually gave birth to two babies instead of one before they got separated.

In that case, Mac Scorpio (John J. York) would be Sasha’s biological father, so he might be on the verge of reuniting with two children if this twin shocker comes out.

If Cody manages to connect the dots and finds out Sasha is his twin sister, that could become his motivation to confess his DNA deception.

Cody needs to come clean with Mac, so he’d have a reason to if his history was intertwined with Sasha’s.

General Hospital spoilers say there might be more than meets the eye when it comes to Sasha and Cody’s relationship, so stick with us for updates on any shocking sibling news that might be looming.

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