General Hospital: Exciting News! Rena Sofer Return As Lois Cerullo

General Hospital is having a field day with bringing back some of the most loved

Daytime characters and stars to Port Charles. It already tasted success with the fan

fared crossover of Walt Wiley as Jack Montgomery, and Kassie DePaiva as Blair.

The makers are in no mood of stopping here! The latest news doing rounds is

that another much loved blast from the past is making her way to PC! And it is none other than the fantabulous Rena Sofer!

The charismatic actress is reprising her role of Lois Cerullo on General Hospital. Back in the day, Lois was married to Ned Quartermaine, and is the biological mother of Brook Lynn Quartermaine. According to reports from, Rena has already filmed the first few scenes of her return stint to Port Charles. Furthermore, the reports speculate that going by the timing of her filming, fans can expect to see her on their TV screens as early as October, 2023.

Ned and Lois GH/ Ned and Lois in the 90’s

Interestingly, TV Season & Spoilers had previously teased that Rena might return to the General Hospital canvas as Lois in a speculative twist following Ned’s accident. Perhaps, the story was always meant to go that way. Recently, when Ned suffered a head injury at the Metro Court pool, he lost his memory in the aftermath. Moreover, his yesteryear’s Eddie Maine persona took over his life as Ned Quartermaine. Thus, making him believe that he is singer and performer Eddie, and not Ned.

A New Love Triangle On The Rise On General Hospital

It is to be noted that back in the 90’s when Ned went by Eddie on General Hospital, he was married to Lois Cerullo. Moreover, he currently does not recognize anyone he did not know in the 90’s. That includes his current wife, Olivia Quartermaine. However, currently, Olivia and Eddie have sort of hit it off and are starting to come closer to each other. Thus, it makes total sense to bring Lois back right now to shake things up! It is completely plausible that once Ned/Eddie sees Lois, all his memories of their romance will come rushing back to him!

End Of the Road: Should Olivia and Ned Split Up On General Hospital?GH/ Lois, Ned and Olivia

If Ned/ Eddie starts to feel attracted towards Lois on General Hospital, it will put a pin in his budding romance with Olivia. Thus, opening the door for an all new love triangle. Oh! and of course, oodles of drama! It will be killer to watch who Ned/Eddie finally chooses, with and without his memory! However, if you had the chance to pick the right partner for him, who would you pick? Lois or Olivia? Tell us in the comments.