General Hospital Spoilers For Next Two Weeks: Laura’s Brother Sets Kelly’s On Fire, Multiple Lives In Danger

General Hospital Spoilers For Next Two Weeks (September 18-29, 2023), reveal that

Blair will have her presence felt to Martin. Meanwhile, Valentin will try to figure out

who is actually trying to cause trouble for Anna. There could be really unexpected

shock waiting here. Elsewhere in Port Charles Spencer and Trina will be looking forward towards a monumental moment. Also, watch out for some heartwarming moments between Olivia Quatermaine and Eddie Maine. It looks like she is falling in love with Eddie, but what will happen when his memories come back and he transforms back into Ned?

General Hospital Spoilers (September 18-22, 2023): Valentin Tries To Keep Anna Safe, Blair & Tracy Team-Up

Anna is really having a hard time on General Hospital these days. The ex-spy is stuck in the middle of many attacks by unknown attackers. During the week of September 18-22, 2023 Valentin will try to figure out who exactly is responsible for the menacing messages left behind in Anna’s suite. The spoilers tease that Val will be shell shocked when he comes face-to-face with the real culprit. We wonder if the person behind it is Charlotte Cassadine! Maybe she isn’t very happy about Anna being in her father’s life. However, even if that is true, there still is the matter of the assailants who want to claim Anna’s life.

GH/ Can Valentin keep Anna safe?

General Hospital spoilers tease that Blair will prove to be a real thorn in Martin’s side in the upcoming episodes. She will threaten him with dire consequences for stealing the idea for The Deceptor from her. She and Tracy will be determined to take their law suit forward as planned. The spoilers also tease that there will be some very tense moments between Brook Lynn and Tracy. The former will literally rip into her grandmother during a verbal war. We wonder what it could be about? Does BLQ know something about Tracy’s plan that we don’t? Stay tuned to find out!

Spencer & Trina Are Thrilled, Sam Seeks Willow’s Help

Many General Hospital fans have been waiting with bated breaths for Spencer and Trina to finally consummate their relationship. Thankfully, SPRINA fans won’t have to wait for too long now. The spoilers for the week of September 18-22, 2023, suggest that the two love birds will be excitedly looking forward towards their trip to Manhattan N.Y. Where the both of them plan to make love for the first time. Far away from the madness of Port Charles. Meanwhile, Molly and TJ will also have some exciting news to share. Perhaps their surrogate, Andrea, will inform them that the procedure has worked and she has conceived their baby.

General HospitalGH/ Spencer and Trina look forward to roance

Elsewhere in Port Charles, Sam McCall will reach out to Willow Tait Corinthos for help. We know that Sasha is on detox after escaping with Cody from Ferncliff. The spoilers reveal that Sam will be hopeful that Willow’s training as a nurse will be of help in this situation. However, considering that Cody and Sasha are escapees, Willow could be getting involved in activities on the wrong side of the law. This will later become a cause of concern from Michael when he finds out. Spilling into the week of September 25, 2023, Chase may feel forced to make another arrest before he gets the chance to slap the cuffs on Gladys and Montague’s wrists. We wonder if this could be Cody? If yes, then he will be getting help from Mac Scorpio!

General Hospital Spoilers (September 25-29, 2023): Drew’s Life Is On The Line, Anna Get’s A Surprise

Previously, on General Hospital, Sonny tasked Drew for help with spying at Pentonville to figure out who exactly passed the flash drive to the Feds. In the upcoming episodes Sonny will have a nagging fear that Drew might get in trouble with the people who are trying to get him. Unfortunately, his fears will come true when he learns that Drew has landed in the hospital. Could Cyrus be responsible for trying to eliminate Drew? If so, will Sonny be able to connect those dots? Also, watch out for Carly ripping into Sonny for not being careful with his plans.

GH/ Will Drew survive this war between Cyrus and Sonny?

General Hospital spoilers tease that during the week of September 25-29, 2023, Anna will get a pleasant surprise. This could have something to do with the empty house Valentin was eyeing. Perhaps, he will ask Anna to move into it with him and Charlotte like a real family. But will his daughter be up to it? Since some spoilers hint that she could be responsible for the menacing messages at Anna’s suite. Meanwhile, Charlotte’s new friend, Jake, will have some confessions to make. Could he open up about helping Charlotte leave those messages or something along those lines? Stay tuned to find out!

Laura Returns To The Screen

Fan Favorite Laura Collins will finally make a proper return to the General Hospital in the upcoming episodes. The spoilers tease that Laura will make a startling discovery. There is quite a chance that it might have something to do with her son Nikolas. He recently left for Europe in hopes of dropping some hints to his mother about him being alive. However, he doesn’t want to meet her in person just yet. Thus, he will have to get creative about sending a message to his mother.

General HospitalGH/ Laura makes a discovery

What do you think will Nikolas do? Moreover, what will Laura do once she realizes that her son is still alive? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more General Hospital updates on what is to come next!