GH Speculation September 20, 2023: Maxie Considers Forgiving Brook Lynn

GH Spoilers Speculation: Forgive, Not Forget
On the one hand, Maxie (Kirsten Storms) is no stranger to doing bad things…

for what she always believes to be good reasons. See: That whole having Brook Lynn

(Amanda Setton) pretend to be Bailey’s mother for MONTHS in order to protect her from Peter.

She should be able to understand why Brook Lynn did what she did.

She might even forgive her. But that doesn’t mean they can ever be friends again. Maxie is a busy woman. She has three kids and a new house. She doesn’t need to waste her time on grudges or vendettas. Maxie will never be able to trust Brook Lynn again. And that’s what you absolutely must have for friendship.

GH: Slow and Steady Wins the Race
On the other hand, Maxie is not known for her ability to focus on any one thing for an extended period of time. It’s why she has three kids with three different men…and often forgets about all three of them. Maxie will take her sweet time forgiving Brook Lynn, and then she’ll take an even longer time forgetting.

But, ultimately, Maxie will need a favor from Brook Lynn again. Maybe she’ll have another kid with an inappropriate man. Or, who knows, she may need Brook Lynn and Tracy (Jane Elliot) to help her with some other Deception scheme. The point is, Maxie and Brook Lynn aren’t done for good. They’re just on a break. Until a reunion is advantageous for both of them. Or one of them.