General Hospital Spoilers: Will Y&R Alum Jordi Vilasuso Take Over As Nikolas Cassadine?

Nikolas Cassadine was first introduced on General Hospital in 1996. Tyler Christopher originated the role and left a lasting legacy. While the time has changed hands a few times over the years, Tyler Christopher’s portrayal of Nikolas Cassadine is forever iconic.

In 2019, Marcus Coloma joined General Hospital cast as the 5th actor to play the infamous Dark Prince of Spoon Island. Despite the fresh faces that played Nikolas in between Christopher and Coloma, those two actors left behind the most memorable impressions.

Stephen Martines/Coltin Scott as Nikolas Cassadine

As GH recaps recall, Stephen Martinez, (alternative name Coltin Scott) also played Nikolas Cassadine. While I don’t speak for everyone, but to me it feels like his 1999-2003 run as the future ex-Mr. Ava Jerome (Nik) was more like 4 weeks than 4 years. Oddly enough, Coloma spent less time in the role than Martinez, yet it seems that GH fans have a tendency to overlook Martinez as the iconic Cassadine. With all due respect to Stephen, he’s a great actor. But some people just fit it happen, and for Nikolas Cassadine, that is Tyler Christopher and Marcus Coloma.

Unexpectedly, General Hospital news reports confirmed that Marcus Coloma’s contract was not renewed, and the actor was leaving the 60 year old soap. Fans and co-stars were shocked when the news broke, causing many to question the TPTB’s decision.

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Nikolas is ready about ready to show his face. Maybe not in Port Charles quite yet, but he’s on the love. Previously, General Hospital hired Adam Huss to step in for Coloma on brief occasions, and then again when Marcus Coloma left General Hospital. This brought about confusion among fans, especially because of what what’s going on with Nikolas’s character. Ava Jerome had just bonked him over the head during the role change-up.

So naturally, confusion grew around whether or not Nikolas was dead. Did Ava really kill him? Also, how did he go missing? Meanwhile, Austin Gatlin Holt (Roger Howarth) had all of the answers. Obviously, we all know now that Bik is alive and well. The role was recast by Adam Huss, but there isn’t confirmation on whether or not Huss is here to stay. That said, GH spoilers tease that it’s possible that Y&R star, Jodi Vilasuso is gearing up to play the infamous Nikolas Cassadine.

Check out his reply in the tweet/X below!