Charlotte Has a Telling Nightmare and a Revealing Memory — Plus, Carly Gets Bad News About Drew

Monday, September 25, 2023: Today on General Hospital, Blaze signs with Brook Lynn, Kristina has a fundraising idea, and Molly tells TJ her big news.

Dex arrives at Sonny’s office with news, Drew Cain was badly beaten in Pentonville and taken to GH. Sonny fumes as Drew is supposed to be under his protection. Dex says Book was informed, but someone betrayed them. Sonny vows to find out who did this and punish them. They head for GH.

Dex bad news Sonny GH

At the hospital, Liz speaks with a doctor about Drew. He hasn’t regained consciousness and has been sent for scans. Jake arrives to see his mom and says they have to talk about Charlotte. He swears it’s important. She spots Carly walk in and asks him to wait for her. She checks in with Carly and reveals Drew hasn’t regained consciousness yet. Carly asks if he’ll be okay. She says the doctor will be out to talk to her as soon as possible as she’s on his contact list, but right now she needs to speak to her son, as he doesn’t know about Drew yet.

Liz Jake and Charlotte talk GH

Liz gets back to Jake and asks what he needs to tell her. Jake admits he was with Charlotte last night, not his friend Angus. He is embarrassed, but Charlotte took all these selfies of them and he knew she’d find out he lied. She can see he likes Charlotte and asks what he likes about her. He says everything, plus she likes him. Liz needs to get back to work, when just then Jake spots Carly and wants to ask her if he can visit Drew. Liz says there is something she needs to know first. She breaks the news, and an upset Jake insists he stay until he knows how Drew is doing.

Jake passes on news GH

Sonny and Dex arrive, and Sonny heads to see Carly. She looks at him and says, “You promised to protect him…” Sonny says he doesn’t know what went wrong, and Carly says this is their doing for asking Drew to help him. Sonny is sure Drew was careful in asking about Austin, but Carly says he still ended up in the hospital.

Carly upset with Sonny GH

Sonny swears he’ll find out who did this, and Diane will get Drew released from Pentonville. Carly cries, “Will he be alive to be released?” Sonny tells her not to go to the worst-case scenario. Carly cries she loves him, and Drew may die because someone sent the SEC after them, and a power-hungry judge gave him a terrible sentence. She vents it’s all wrong! She storms off.

Sonny calms Carly GH

Anna bumps into Portia at the hospital but keeps moving. Portia stops her, and Anna asks the bodyguard Sonny assigned her for a moment alone. Portia wants to clear the air, but Anna tells her that she never should have come to her house and is sorry. Portia says Curtis doesn’t blame her, but Anna knows Portia does. Portia admits she focused her anger on her, but she didn’t deserve all of it. Anna notes, “All of it?” Porti is still angry that Curtis was collateral damage, and she knows Anna didn’t pull the trigger, but Curtis is paying the price for someone else’s actions.

Anna and Portia GH

Anna is glad they took this time to speak. Portia knows she and Curtis are close, and she appreciates what Anna did to help Trina in Greenland. Anna says it was a group effort, and she was right that Curtis doesn’t deserve to suffer. Portia knows she lost her house and is sorry. She also is glad she has Valentin in her life. Portia leaves her, and Anna thinks about Valentin keeping things from her.

Molly arrives looking for TJ and finds him with Curtis. She’s glad to see them both as she has news to share. She was going to wait until TJ was off work, but she was too excited. She tells TJ it worked, and Andrea is pregnant. TJ and Molly embrace, and she lets Curtis know that he can tell Portia, and her already mom knows. TJ asks if anyone else knows. Molly admits her mom is telling Kristina.

TJ and Curtis chat

Molly excuses herself when the office calls and Curtis can see TJ is over the moon. TJ can’t believe he’s going to be a dad.

Elsewhere, Dex and Sonny board an elevator, and Dex asks if the guy from Pikeman could be behind Drew’s attack to send Sonny a message. Sonny says it’s possible, but he has other enemies in Pentonville who would love to take him down. They get off and spot Portia with Molly, TJ, and Curtis celebrating the baby news. Curtis suggests they carry on this celebration at The Savoy where his dad booked “Eddie Maine.” Sonny and Portia lock eyes, and she quickly wheels Curtis off. Dex asks Sonny if he should stick around, but Sonny says he can take off.

At Nina’s place, Anna wakes Charlotte up, who is sleeping on a couch. Charlotte asks where her papa is, and Anna says he’s gone and he doesn’t have time for Charlotte now that he fell in love with her. Charlotte is woken from her nightmare by Nina.

Charlotte Anna nightmare GH

Nina says sometimes it helps to talk about a bad dream, but Charlotte says it’s nothing. Valentin enters, and Charlotte rushes into his arms. Nina explains Charlotte had a bad dream. Charlotte dismisses the dream, and Valentin asks what they’ve been up to. Nina details their morning of breakfast and shopping. Valentin has something they can all do, calling it a surprise, so Charlotte leaves to get her jacket.

Alone, Nina asks Valentin what if Charlotte’s been dreaming about what she did to Anna. He hopes this surprise will help everyone move on.

Valentin has hopes GH

Valentin takes Nina and Charlotte to see a house, which he bought. Charlotte gushes that it’s beautiful. Nina gets a call from Dex and excuses herself, stepping outside. He tells her that Sonny’s at GH, and Drew was brought in after being beaten up badly. Nina sighs and returns Valentin and Charlotte and finds them celebrating the new home. Charlotte loves it, and Nina nods at him.

Charlotte new house GH

After Nina leaves, Valentin gets a call from the new landscapers and steps out. Charlotte thinks back to being in boarding school and receiving a package. She opens a box, the discovers the deck of tarot cards inside, along with a letter addressed to her.  She opens it and reads the letter. Valentin calls to her, snaps her out of her memory, and asks if everything is okay. She smiles and says everything is going to be perfect.

Charlotte gets cards GH

Back at the hospital, Carly thinks about talking to Ava about Sonny and asking Drew to find out who Austin was visiting. She calls Ava and tells her to get to the hospital pronto. Suddenly Nina arrives, and Carly asks what she’s doing here. Nina says she heard about Drew. Just then, Liz approaches and tells Carly that Drew is being taken for emergency surgery, and the doctor will be out with an update as soon as he can.

Nina spots Carly GH

The doctor comes out and informs Carly that Drew broke a rib, and it punctured the aorta, but the fact he’s been unconscious limited his movement and likely saved his life. The surgery will take a few hours, and they’ll know more when it’s finished.

Carly gets news GH

Sonny heads to the chapel and finds Anna already there. He jokes they run into each other in the strangest of places. He asks if she remembers if he has regrets about choosing the life he did. She does. He admits he’s beginning to wonder if it’s all worth it.

Sonny and Anna chapel GH

At Charlie’s, Brook Lynn meets with Blaze and explains she’s gone back into managing music and would like to sign her as her first client. She has a proposal to take her career to the next level and put her back in the public eye, which she’s been out of since she dumped Linc. Brook Lynn runs down her list but also knows it’s important for Blaze to be true to herself. She rambles on about how great Blaze is and doesn’t hear that Blaze already agreed to sign with her.

Brook Lynn is shocked it was that easy. Blaze says she stood up for her when everyone else looked away, and she may not have gotten away from Linc without her. Brook Lynn and Blaze talk about what Linc did to them both, and Blaze reveals she’s been to support groups where there were strong, intelligent women like them who went through what they did. She gushes over how Brook Lynn exposed him, and they toast to him being canceled.

BLQ and Blaze talk contract

Blaze asks if she brought a contract, but Brook Lynn asks if she doesn’t want to think about this for a bit. Blaze doesn’t need to think but asks about Deception. Brook Lynn says that’s not where her passion is. Blaze shows her a headline from a tabloid that she’s out at Deception, and asks if that’s why she is back to music.

Alexis and Kristina talk GH

Alexis meets Kristina at the bar and has a message from her sister. Kristina is hoping she means Sam, but Alexis says it’s from Molly. Alexis says this is good news, Molly and TJ are having a baby. Kristina is surprised but asks isn’t too early to tell people. Alexis says it is, but she wanted them all to rally support for TJ and Molly. Kristina knows they want this baby, so Alexis asks her to keep her fingers crossed. Kristina wishes she could have had this moment with Molly, instead of hearing the news  secondhand, and that hurts.

Kristina upset GH

Alexis tells Kristina that Molly’s been under a lot of pressure, and maybe now that Andrea is pregnant, she can relax and they just need to give her space. Kristina has given her space but asks if she’s that overbearing that Molly doesn’t even want a relationship with her. Alexis says she’s not overbearing, maybe just impatient. Alexis jokes she gets that from her, and it’s best to just give them time, and Molly and TJ will reach out when they are ready. Alexis switches the topic to Kristina’s first board meeting for the center. Kristina needs to find a way to raise money and admits she hates fundraising, but then sees BLQ with Blaze. She gets an idea.

BLQ hit piece

Back at their table, Brook Lynn reads the gossip rag piece about her, and she fumes this has to be Lucy. Blaze tells her it’s a hit piece, she’s had many, and not to worry about it. Blaze says that piece hit a low blow bringing up her attack and losing her voice. Brook Lynn says she would know what it’s like to lose what means the most to you, but Blaze says she never lost her love of music. Brook Lynn says managing and writing is in her blood, and tells her about her parents. Blaze still wants to sign, so they shake on it.

Kristina sees her mom out and then continues looking at BLQ and Blaze.

On the next General Hospital: Chase asks what is going on.  Gladys asks someone at the PCPD where Sasha is. Dante warns Cody if they don’t get the evidence on Gladys and Montague… Cody knows he’ll end up in jail. Jake asks his mom, “We just have to sit around and do nothing?” She replies, “Not necessarily.” Valentin asks Charlotte how she’d feel if Anna moved in with them. Anna says to Sonny, “You’re not ready to turn the page.” Ava arrives at the hospital, and Carly fumes, “I know exactly what you did!”