“A Gripping Showdown: Victor vs. Charlotte in a Battle for Control”

General Hospital Recap Highlights
In this episode, Valentin grew more suspicious of Charlotte’s attitude and actions as Anna and

Sonny discussed their life choices. At the hospital, Carly decided Ava was to blame for all of

Drew’s current troubles while Jake oddly poured his heart out to Finn about Drew.

Finally, Cody turned himself in to the police as Sam and Sasha moved on with the next part of their plan to trap Gladys. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into the details.

General Hospital: Valentin Has A Problem
Charlotte (Scarlett Fernandez) was thrilled with her new home and couldn’t stop gushing about how happy she was. Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) told her that Nina (Cynthia Watros) did not help him decorate and Charlotte was sure it wasn’t the dreaded Anna. According to Charlotte, Anna just didn’t have good taste. When Valentin changed the subject to Jake (Hudson West), Charlotte had to think about who that was for a moment.

Valentin soon suggested that Anna (Finola Hughes) move in with them since her house burnt down and she needed a place to live, but Charlotte didn’t look thrilled by that idea. When Valentin left the room to take a call from Marty (Michael E. Knight), Charlotte flashed back to reading the letter that came with the tarot cards. It was from Victor (Charles Shaughnessy), and we heard his voice telling her that Anna wasn’t who Charlotte thought she was and would lead her papa to his death if Charlotte didn’t use every weapon she had to stop her.

Later, Charlotte wanted to know if Anna was right for Valentin so she decided to do a tarot card reading. Valentin was alarmed when he saw the cards and remembered everything that had happened to Anna since Victor’s will reading. Still, he wanted to believe Charlotte when she lied that she got the cards from a friend at camp.

General Hospital Recap: Drew’s Precarious Condition
Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Anna had a chat in the hospital chapel where he told her he wasn’t sure all his career choices in life had been worth it. Seeing Curtis (Donnell Turner) in that wheelchair and knowing Drew (Cameron Mathison) was in surgery was rough on Sonny because he blamed himself for both misfortunes. Both Sonny and Anna admitted that the things happening around them wouldn’t have bothered them a few years ago, but were having a big impact now.

Ava (Maura West) arrived at GH after being summoned by Carly (Laura Wright) but soon regretted following Carly’s orders because she had to listen to Sonny’s ex-wife shout in her face and tell her she was the one responsible for Drew’s beating. She was sure that Ava informed Austin that Drew was poking around Pentonville. Ava did no such thing and said as much, but Carly was already lost in her ranting and refused to believe Ava.

When Ava insisted she wasn’t the one who put Drew in Pentonville, Nina was on high alert wondering how Ava would explain that comment to Carly, but Carly explained it herself. In an extremely rare moment of self-awareness, Carly admitted Drew was in jail because of her. Sonny then interrupted Carly’s yell-fest and told her to get out of Ava’s face. He insisted Ava did not do it, so Carly turned on the waterworks and walked away. However, she gave Ava a dirty look first and didn’t apologize for her accusations until she learned that Drew would recover.

Jake remained distraught over Drew’s condition so Finn (Michael Easton) took him aside to talk. Finn assured Jake that Drew was in good hands with an excellent surgeon. Jake felt embarrassed about crying and Finn told him it’s okay to cry, even if you are a man. Poor Jake just felt like everyone had left him and he didn’t want Drew to leave him too.

GH Recap: Bringing Down Gladys
As Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) and Chase (Josh Swickard) discussed Anna’s stalker case, Cody (Josh Kelly) barged into the Port Charles Police Department to surrender himself. Chase demanded to know where Sasha (Sofia Mattsson) was but Cody wasn’t talking. Dante told Chase to arrest Cody. Chase had no idea what was going on. Dante asked to see Cody alone in the interrogation room, confusing Chase some more.

Chase became even more suspicious when Gladys (Bonnie Burroughs) showed up looking for Sasha. She was alarmed to hear that Cody turned himself in and Sasha was nowhere to be found. With Sasha still out there off drugs, Gladys knew she was in big trouble.

At the remote cabin, Sasha worried that their plan would not work and Cody would end up behind bars for years. Sam (Kelly Monaco) assured her that Dante had things under control. Sasha could barely believe that Cody was willing to take these risks for her when they hardly knew one another. Sasha was also grateful for all Sam and Dante were doing for her.

The next part of their plan involved Sam calling Gladys pretending to be a banker inquiring about Sasha’s accounts. Sam’s fake banker told Gladys about a fake subpoena for Sasha’s financial records, so Gladys decided she needed to leave town. She ran back to Sasha’s apartment to pack, but before she could leave, she found an angry Sasha at the door.

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