General Hospital: Willow’s Cancer Is BACK!!!

Uh-Oh! It can’t be! Is General Hospital really going there? The latest spoilers for the

ABC soap tease that Willow Tait Corinthos could be in for a relapse.

Yes! the recently recovered mother of two might soon face a startling reality when she gets her next round of tests done.

Or maybe even sooner than that. Ever since Willow pulled through the transplant storyline and came back home.

Fans have been feeling that it may not be the end of Willow’s cancer story! So keep reading to find out how it may all go down!

Willow Gets Cleared To Return To Work

Previously, on General Hospital, Willow fought a long and hard battle with cancer. She stood at death’s door for so long that it became hard to even speculate if she will make it through or not. In fact, she did have may close calls. However, ultimately, thanks to her successful bone marrow transplant, she successfully beat cancer. Although she had to stay in the hospital for excruciatingly long six weeks, before she could finally get the get go to return home to her life and family.

However, her discharge from the hospital came with a long list of instructions and precautions on General Hospital. Which certainly made sense, considering that she just overcame cancer and also had a transplant. Which itself makes a transplant patient vulnerable to all sorts of infections, owing to a weakened immune system. Thus, a lot of emphasis was put by the doctors on her “being careful.” We wonder if that warning is about to come back to bite us all!

Stress and Exposure Causes Willow To Fall Severely Ill On General Hospital

Recently, on General Hospital, Willow’s latest round of tests came up with some good results. The numbers were favorable enough for Dr. Randolph to give her the green signal to return to work. Which of course delighted Willow. She had desperately been waiting to get the clearance so she could get back to her old life, and make as much of it as possible! But we wonder if this is just the beginning of a much worse fate than the one she suffered previously!

General Hospital

Going back to work at the hospital may not be as easy and favorable for her as Willow thinks. Being a nurse comes with a lot of responsibility, long hours and stress. Which, in complete honesty, Willow’s system might not be in the position to handle. Owing to her transplant, she may still have a very weak immune system, thus leaving her rather vulnerable to contracting multiple types of diseases at the hospital. So, even if Willow does not have a relapse, she could still fall awfully sick with a different disease she catches from one of her patients.

And if that happens, we genuinely fear that she may not pull through this time round!