General Hospital: Molly DYING? New Twist In The Storyline

Currently, on General Hospital, Molly and TJ are on cloud nine with their surrogacy plans progressing as hoped.

After some initial struggle, the couple managed to find the perfect surrogate in Andrea to turn their dreams into reality.

However, someone once said a happy conclusion on soaps often spells death for the storyline or the characters involved.

Could this eventually translate into the literal death of a character? Because as of now, the story seems to be progressing hitch-free on GH. Keep digging to find out why we think so!

TJ and Molly’s Hopes For A Happy Family

Previously, on General Hospital, when Molly had a pregnancy scare she realized that she actually did want to start a family with him. However, she was soon diagnosed with endometriosis, which limited her ability drastically to produce viable eggs for conception. Thus, she and TJ opted the path of surrogacy to realize their dream of having a baby on the soap. Initially, it felt like Kristina will emerge as her savior. But that didn’t happen.

General HospitalGH/ Molly and TJ choose surrogacy

In fact, with time the conflict just became bigger and bigger between the sisters on General Hospital. Even though Kristina wanted to be the surrogate for them, Molly just didn’t vibe with the idea. Perhaps because of her sister’s previous iffy record on the ABC soap. Eventually, Molly and TJ found their perfect surrogate in Andrea. And now, all three of them are progressing steadily on the path of surrogacy. If this was the climax of a limited series, this would be happy ending. But, hey, this is General Hospital, a soap that has been on for decades, and will go on for several more! Which means more trouble ahead!

Molly’s Chapter Ends On A Grimm Note On General Hospital

But just because the soap has to go on, does not mean all characters have to too! In fact, General Hospital has time and again proven that it is not scared of bumping off characters. Even key ones! And here is what makes us think Molly is next to say bye-bye! There has been a massive decline in the character’s popularity ever since the OG Molly left the fold. Actress Haley Pullos had become quite popular with the masses as Molly on GH. However, after the actress’ personal life went into chaos, following a DUI arrest, she and the soap parted ways.

GH/ Will TJ lose Molly?

Molly then went through a couple of recasts on General Hospital but none of them won the fans’ favor. Currently, actress Brooke Anne Smith is portraying the character. While the audiences’ have no personal qualms with the actress and believe she is a great performer, they still aren’t able to accept her in Molly’s part. Thus, there are several rumors making rounds that the makers might opt to ax the character permanently, instead of going through yet another casting. And a twist in the current storyline could be the perfect way to do so!

Andrea will soon be carrying TJ and Molly’s child. If something was to happen to Molly on General Hospital, TJ would still have a character to lean on and help with the baby. In fact, it will be a whole new story line. Meanwhile, also amping up the drama on the soap! What do you think? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more General Hospital updates!