GH Recap: The Latest Sasha Torture Tale Installment Comes To A Close

General Hospital Recap Highlights

In this episode, Sasha finally got some justice — as did Gladys (but some might argue Sonny didn’t go far enough). Valentin explained to Anna that he bought a house for her and Charlotte as Charlotte listened in. In New York, Spencer and Trina reveled in their love. And finally, Tracy accidentally let an important truth slip to Chase. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into the details.

the general hospital recap for october 5 2023 has cody rescuing sasha from ferncliff.

General Hospital: Sasha Rescued, Gladys Banished

Sonny (Maurice Benard) told Gladys (Bonnie Burroughs) he knew all about what she’d been up to with Sasha’s (Sofia Mattsson) money. Gladys tried to tell more lies, but Sonny wasn’t having it. Sam (Kelly Monaco) chimed in with even more info. The doctor Gladys found was her poker pal and he gave her a dangerous drug combination that made her hallucinate. Sonny reminded Gladys about all the horrible things she had done, including faking her own son’s death to get life insurance money.

Gladys tried to beg for mercy and blame it on her gambling addiction, but Sonny was absolutely furious and told her the days of her using people were over. When Sam left, Sonny had Gladys tell him the whole sordid tale of her gambling woes with Selina Wu (Lydia Look). In the end, Sonny decided to send Gladys back to Bridgeport. This was her final warning. If she screwed up, she’d be truly punished.


General Hospital Spoilers: Who Is Dr. Montague And Why Is He Really  Drugging Sasha?

Cody (Josh Kelly) burst into Sasha’s Ferncliff room just as Dr. Montague (Darin Toonder) was about to inject her with more horrible drugs. When Montague tried to take her from the room, Nurse Janice (Lauren Swickard) walked in and was confused by what she saw. Montague insisted she call the cops on Cody, but Sasha managed to kick him in the shins and get away from the not-so-good doctor.

Thankfully, Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) arrived with a gun before things went south. Mac (John J. York) also showed up and finally learned why Cody really wanted to be committed to Ferncliff. We also learned that Sasha going back to Ferncliff was all part of a plan to trap Dr. Montague.

General Hospital Recap: Cassadine Love (And Heartbreak) In The Afternoon

Spencer (Nicholas Alexander Chavez) and Trina (Tabyana Ali) enjoyed more of New York City. Spencer was fascinated by how much Trina enjoyed an art museum, but they also enjoyed some more time in bed. In fact, they didn’t seem to want to get out of bed once they made it back to their hotel room. When they got hungry, Trina opted for room service so they could stay in and have more private time together. When it came time to head back to Port Charles, Trina said goodbye to the room and thanked the bed.

General Hospital Stars Address When Trina And Spencer Will Kiss

Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) was shocked when Anna (Finola Hughes) arrived at his new front door and wondered if that was where he was hiding out. No, he told her, he hasn’t been hiding out. He has been making a home for them. Anna was stunned to hear this — and Charlotte (Scarlett Fernandez) was not happy to see Anna. At least she quickly ran out to be with Jake (Hudson West) — or so she said.

Anna was furious that Valentin had been lying to her and admitted she had followed him to his new house weeks ago. It turned out that Charlotte had not left yet, so she was curious to hear Anna and Valentin arguing. Valentin insisted he bought the house for her so they could start a life together with Charlotte. However, he was looking at reality. Charlotte needed his undivided attention, and he knew he couldn’t ask Anna to live with them just yet.

GH Recap: Bad News For Chase

Finn (Michael Easton) treated Chase’s (Josh Swickard) eyes when he got some pepper spray in them while on duty. He was then surprised to run into Tracy (Jane Elliot) in the hallway as she told him she was reinstated to the hospital board. Tracy soon spotted Chase wiping his eyes and assumed he was crying about Gregory’s (Gregory Harrison) condition and gave away the game before Gregory could tell his son he had ALS. When Chase saw the look on Finn’s face, he knew it was true. Chase could barely believe Finn knew and didn’t bother telling him and ended up outside alone in tears.

When Gregory dropped off a file with a folder that had a story he wanted her to read, Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) found his bucket list instead, which only made her emotional, thinking he might not be able to do all these things. When Gregory returned, they went over the list and decided to try one of the things on it — hot yoga. Gregory liked it. Alexis did not.