The Real Reason: This Is Where Cameron Mathison Is Busy

Cameron Mathison is known for his role as Drew in General Hospital. He has had a somewhat intermittent presence on the show in recent times. Fans have noticed his character’s occasional appearances, leaving them wondering why this is happening. As Cameron’s character Drew has been on and off of the canvas, why is that happening? In this article, we will delve into the factors contributing to Drew’s on-and-off presence in Port Charles.

Drew is in jail, which gives him less screen time

One significant reason for Drew’s inconsistent presence at General Hospital is his character’s incarceration. Drew found himself behind bars, which naturally limited his screen time on the show. During his time in prison, he faced a severe health challenge. Further complicating his storyline and decreasing the opportunities for his character’s involvement in the plot.

GH/Drew beaten in Prison

Additionally, prison storylines often require characters to be isolated, limiting their interactions with other key characters on the show. This isolation can make it challenging to weave Drew into the ongoing narrative seamlessly. Cameron Mathison’s absence from General Hospital can also be attributed to his busy schedule outside of the soap opera. The actor has been occupied with exciting new projects, one of which is his involvement in a new movie alongside Allison Lanier.

General Hospital: Cameron Is Busy With His New Movie With Allison Lanier

According to official sources, Cameron Mathison has been cast in a Hallmark Movies & Mysteries production titled “A Zest for Death.” It is set to premiere on Friday, October 6, at 9 p.m. ET. In this movie, he plays the role of Detective Mike Kingston, starring alongside Alison Sweeney as the amateur sleuth and baker, Hannah Swensen. Cameron’s commitment to this new movie has understandably reduced his availability for General Hospital. The demands of shooting a movie can be time-consuming, often conflicting with the shooting schedule of a daily soap opera.

The fluctuations in Drew’s presence on General Hospital can be attributed to both storyline choices, such as Drew’s imprisonment, and Cameron Mathison’s busy schedule with new projects like “A Zest For Death.” While fans may miss seeing Drew on their screens regularly. They can look forward to Cameron’s work in other exciting ventures. So, as we eagerly await Drew’s return to Port Charles. We can also enjoy Cameron Mathison’s performances in his other roles, both on and off the screen. For latest General hospital updates, stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers