General Hospital Comings And Goings: Molly Gets Recast AGAIN

It seems like General Hospital is one a roll when it comes to recasting a certain character on the soap. Ever since actress Haley Pullos left the fold, Molly’s character has literally been sliding down a downward slope. Since, Haley, they character has been recast twice in quick succession. However, neither of them quite floated with the fandom. In fact, the retaliation over the casting reached a point where the makers had no option but try yet another face for Molly. Kristen Vaganos will now be seen in the role. But will GH be third time lucky with the recast? Only time will tell!

After Haley Pullos left General Hospital following her DUI arrest in May, 2023, Holiday Mia Kriegel stepped in as the emergency recast for Molly. However, a couple of weeks later, in July 2023, Brooke Anne Smith made her debut as the new Molly, and allegedly the more permanent one. Unfortunately, right after her first episode aired, fans sparked quite a retaliation on social media, claiming that Brooke did not suit the role.

General HospitalGH/ Brooke Anne Smith as Molly

While the General Hospital fans had no complaints about the actress on a personal level, nor with her performance. But the passionate fandom felt that she did not fit the character. She didn’t feel like Molly, but like a new character all together. The outrage became so loud that Brooke Anne Smith’s brother took to his social media account to defend his sister. He urged the GH fans to give his sister a chance. Furthermore, he claimed that she is the new permanent Molly, so viewers should get used to her.

Will The New General Hospital Recast Last?

Alas! The permanency proved rather temporary. Perhaps the backlash became so strong that the makers felt the need to recast Molly yet again on General Hospital. Kristen Vaganos made her first appearance on Molly in the latest GH episode. And as of now, the initial fan response seems favorable. But let’s wait a few days before delivering any sort of a verdict. Interestingly, there were also rumors that the makers were contemplating writing the character off all together.

GH/ Kristen Vaganos as Molly

However, this new recast might breathe a fresh air of life in Molly on General Hospital. Here’s hoping that third time will be a charm, and Kristen will manage to win the fans over. But what’s your opinion? Do you like the new Molly? Tell us in the comments.