General Hospital Update: Monday, October 16

General Hospital (GH) spoilers update for Monday, October 16, reveals that Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) and Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) will relax on the island now that the wedding’s over. All that’s left to do is celebrate the fact that they’re married, so Nina will reflect on her big day and thank Sonny for making her dreams come true.

General Hospital Update: Monday, October 16 – Nina's Backlash Delayed - Carly’s Confession – More Island Surprises

Of course, Nina doesn’t realize Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell) is now privy to a major secret she’s been keeping under wraps.

Michael finally heard back from the guy he knew at the SEC, so he got updates on Nina ratting out Carly Spencer (Laura Wright) and Drew Cain (Cameron Mathison) through Martin Grey (Michael E. Knight).

Instead of divulging Nina’s tip and blowing everything up, Michael will take some time to really think about his next move.

Willow Corinthos (Katelyn MacMullen) may admit to Michael that it’s nice to be bonding with Nina and getting to know her better.

That’s the kind of thing that could leave Michael torn about ruining Willow’s happiness after everything she’s been through.

Likewise, Sonny is on cloud nine, so Michael will consider his father’s feelings as well.

Michael would have no problem watching Nina crash and burn, but there are a lot of complicated issues and key players here – including little Donna Corinthos (Scarlett Spears) and Wiley Corinthos (Viron Weaver) since they were so thrilled about the nuptials.

GH spoilers say Michael will apparently claim he has to get back to Port Charles for an urgent meeting, so he’ll fly home with Willow and leave her curious about who her husband’s going to see.

It looks like it’ll be Martin who faces off with Michael, who may push him to admit he provided the anonymous tip on Nina’s behalf.

Martin might play dumb, but he’ll sense that trouble’s brewing and may choose to warn Nina with a phone call or voicemail eventually.

Whatever the case, Michael will have some tricks up his sleeve, so he may wind up playing the long game when it comes to getting revenge on Nina.

At Kelly’s, Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) will stop by to check on Carly, so she’ll ask about Drew and learn he’s thankfully out of the ICU.

Talk will turn to Sonny and Nina’s elopement, so Carly will confess that she’s not OK and get Sam’s support as she struggles with the news.

During Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring) and Maxie Jones’ (Kirsten Storms) Deception-related conversation, there’ll be a debate about whether they should replace Sasha Gilmore (Sofia Mattsson) as the Face of Deception.

Maxie will think Lucy needs to slow down and think things through when it comes to what’s next for the company – especially since the new Face of Deception would force Sasha out of that role.

As for Sasha, she’ll continue to struggle in the aftermath of Gladys Corbin’s (Bonnie Burroughs) betrayal and the horror that Dr. Damon Montague (Darin Toonder) inflicted.

Sasha will contemplate the idea of walking away from her derailed life and perhaps moving somewhere else, but Cody Bell (Josh Kelly) will give her some tough love and urge her not to ditch this new beginning.

At some point, GH spoilers say Sasha’s revelation will make some waves, so we’ll see if she opens up about another career option or fights for her Face of Deception spot.

In Puerto Rico again, Kristina Corinthos-Davis (Kate Mansi) will still be there when Blaze (Jacqueline Grace Lopez) shows up for a huge surprise.

After Kristina grins and pushes for answers, Blaze will explain her unexpected arrival and grow closer to Kristina during their time together.

General Hospital spoilers say Kristina and Blaze could be on the verge of making some bold romantic moves, so stay tuned.