General Hospital: Steve Burton’s Return CONFIRMED! Co-Star Drops Big Hints!!!

Steve Burton’s Return CONFIRMED! Co-Star Drops Big Hints!!!

Things are really going to change in the upcoming episodes of The Bold And The Beautiful as it is time for Jacqueline Maclnnes Wood to exit the show for a bit. Her exact date to leave hasn’t been revealed yet, but it is coming soon.Jacqueline Macinnes Wood To ExitJacqueline Macinnes Wood is expecting her fourth child, which means she is going to be taking maternity leave. That should happen soon considering that she normally takes off about a month before the baby is born. This big change is really going to shake things up on B&B.Steffy recently learned that Finn and Shelia hugged, which of course, upset her. She is going to be worried that there is more to that than just a simple embrace between mother and son. It looks like they may not be on the same page anymore about Shelia being the enemy.Now that Steffy will be leaving the show for a bit, will she leave town? Will she end up in a coma? More than likely, the writers will have her out of town for a while and Finn trying to do things on his own. This would give them a chance to take some time apart to work on their issues.

What Else Is Going Down Next Week?

Next week on The Bold And The Beautiful, Finn has told Liam he needs to back off, but instead, Liam is sticking himself right in the middle of Steffy and Finn. This is going to anger Finn for sure.

It looks like things are going to heat up between Thomas and Hope. Everyone knows that he wants to be with her and it is just when it will actually happen for these two.

Also, what is going on with Deacon and Shelia? These two are heating things up, which is going to upset everyone if they find out the details of this relationship. Shelia is also going to be working hard to save Kelly. This is going to make her son even happier with her and may help them to mend the fences a bit. Steffy is going to be really upset when she finds out that Shelia was the one to keep her daughter out of danger. Steffy is also going to be the one to update Ridge on what is actually going on.What do you think will happen as Jacqueline Maclnnes Wood takes her maternity leave? Sound off in the comments below and don’t miss The Bold And The Beautiful weekdays on CBS.