General Hospital Wedding Disaster: Sonny and Nina’s Elopement Sets the Stage for the Truth to Come Out

Sonny and Nina’s Elopement Sets the Stage for the Truth to Come Out



General Hospital has Sonny right on the verge of saying, “I do… not ever want to see you again.” In the September 29 episode, the Teflon don and fiancée Nina decided that, given the tragedies that had befallen Drew and Curtis, it didn’t feel right to throw a big wedding; instead, they’d just elope to his island (aka the site of his first remarriage to Carly).

You know what this means, don’t you? Of course you do; this ain’t your first day watching a soap opera. It means that Sonny is finally about to find out that Nina blew the whistle on Carly’s insider trading. It won’t be Ned who spills the beans, however. With Rena Sofer set to reprise her role of the amnesiac’s ex Lois, Olivia’s better half is guaranteed to remain Eddie for a while longer. So who will do the deed?

GENERAL HOSPITAL - Episode “15298” - "General Hospital" airs Monday - Friday, on ABC (check local listings). (ABC/Christine Bartolucci) CYNTHIA WATROS, MAURA WEST


Our money is on Michael exposing Nina. He’s been working an angle at the SEC in hopes of learning who tipped off the authorities to Carly’s misdeed. Sorry, we mean her “business as usual.” (Hilarious the way he keeps assuring his mother that she did nothing wrong by breaking the law, it’s the person who ratted her out who is the bad guy!)

The question is, will Michael find out that Nina tipped off the SEC before or after Sonny has made Nina his bride? Given that there’s more drama to be mined from the couple being hitched when the boom is lowered, we’re going to predict that they’ll be Mr. and Mrs. Corinthos by the time Michael makes it to the island in hopes of yelling, “Stop the wedding!”

It’s All Over But the Crying (Foul)

Afterwards, no two ways about it, we’ll be in for fireworks galore. Everyone who’s anyone in Port Charles, with the exception of Ava, will take a turn ripping Nina to shreds — not for committing a crime but for reporting one. (That’s Port Charles logic for ya!) And Nina, with nothing left to lose, will fight Sonny’s annulment, preferring to hope against hope that he’ll forgive her if she can just drag out the divorce for long enough.