Sonny Calls Gladys Out on Her Schemes and Lies — and Sasha’s in Danger Once Again From Dr. Montague

Sonny Calls Gladys Out on Her Schemes and Lies — and Sasha’s in Danger Once Again From Dr. Montague


In Geneva, Kevin asks Laura if she’s ready for a break as they have dinner reservations. Laura is fixated on her tablet and trying to figure out where they should go next. Kevin tells Laura that while Nikolas is alive, what they’ve learned means he doesn’t want to be found, and it’s clear he’s running away from the criminal charges he’s facing and his responsibility as a father. He thinks if a newborn won’t bring him home, what can she offer her son to change his mind? Laura says, “Redemption.”

Laura knows her son has to face the crimes he’s committed, but she won’t stop loving and supporting him until he gets his head on straight. Kevin knows that but feels that won’t happen unless Nikolas wants it to and focuses on the needs of his children. He also thinks Nikolas has the money to stay hidden for a long time, and it breaks his heart that she’s chasing after someone who doesn’t want her help.

Laura still feels the guilt over leaving her son on Cassadine Island all those years ago, so she’s just as much to blame for how Nikolas turned out as the Cassadines are. Kevin says at some point Nikolas must stop blaming his lousy childhood for his actions. Laura laughs, “Nice try, you know how formative our childhoods are.” She doesn’t think Nikolas was born bad but was taught these behaviors by his family. Kevin reminds her that he’s still abandoned Ace and Spencer, again. Laura has to believe the good qualities inside him will triumph over this darkness that he’s wrestling with. Kevin asks where she wants to look next. She says, “London.”

Kevin makes a call and gets them two tickets to London. Laura thanks him for standing by her and putting his life on hold to help her through this. He says he’s taken care of his patients, and he knows how much her children mean to her. They kiss, and Kevin goes to pack. Laura makes a call to Jordan to check-in.

At the bistro café in Port Charles, Anna calls Sonny and thanks him for this extra layer of protection he offered her, and it’s made her feel better.

Jordan joins Anna and says she noticed a guy planted outside that made her cop senses go off. Anna explains it’s her bodyguard, courtesy of Sonny. Jordan is surprised as Anna has never wanted protection before. Anna says that was before someone made it known they are planning to dismantle her life. Anna relays her theory that the shooting at the Metro Court was targeting Sonny, while the attacks on her have been more personal in nature made by someone else. Jordan says if that’s the case, who is after her? Anna doesn’t know, but they know what they’re doing.

Jordan asks about Valentin, and Anna says he’s trying to help her. She knows he’d never harm her, but he has his own ties to secret organizations from his past. She admits she doesn’t know what secrets he’s keeping, but she thinks it’s time to find out what those secrets are.


Martin stops by Valentin’s new house. He tells his lawyer that Charlotte’s future depends on their conversation today. Worried, Martin asks him to give him the facts that have him concerned about his daughter. Valentin explains he and Nina discovered Charlotte let herself into Anna’s suite and may be the one who ransacked it and left a threatening message on the mirror. Martin says if that is true, she’s clearly troubled and no court will see this as anything but a cry for help. Valentin says the court may think differently if they knew she also set fire to Anna’s house.

Martin refuses to believe Charlotte would intentionally hurt Anna. Valentin agrees but thinks she wants to take away her home and sense of security. Martin still doesn’t see how she could have set that fire and made it look like a professional did it, and Anna said it looked like a professional. Valentin says the internet can teach you anything you want to know, and he needs Martin’s help protecting Charlotte from herself.

Martin asks who else he’s told this theory to, and Valentin tells him only Nina. Martin assumes he hasn’t said anything to Anna. Valentin loves Anna, but Charlotte must be his focus. Martin offers to be of service, but he isn’t sure what Valentin is asking of him. Valentin is asking him to defend Charlotte if it comes to it and come up with contingencies. Martin says he’ll start doing research into crimes committed by children, and he’s sorry he’s going through this. Valentin feels he was so focused on his father that he didn’t stop to think about what Charlotte was capable of.

After Martin leaves, Valentin calls Laura. He asks if there are any signs of Nikolas. She says yes and no, and they are headed to London next. He tells Laura that Charlotte could be in trouble. He can’t get into it over the phone for legal reasons, but Charlotte needs her help and so does he. Alarmed, Laura promises to take the first flight home.

As Valentin is about to call Nina, Anna walks in and says, ‘So this has been where you’ve been hiding out.”


In Ferncliff, Sasha paces her cell when a nurse stops in. The nurse reminds her that she’s not allowed to leave her room, nor have any visitors, and if she wants to leave Ferncliff then she needs to do her part. Sasha plans to do just that.

Sasha sleeps and has nightmares about Dr. Montague. She wakes up and finds her door locked. She doesn’t know how much longer she can do this. The nurse returns with her medications, but Sasha refuses to take them because that’s what got her in trouble to begin with.

At the reception desk, Dr. Montague talks to Nurse Janice about Sasha, how confused she is, and that she thinks Cody Bell was trying to rescue her from him, who she’s made the bad guy. He has no choice but to withdraw himself from her care, and he says he’ll miss working here and Janice. He walks out saying, “I’m sure you’ll see me around town.”

Later, Dr. Montague calls Janice and claims he believes he left a file of his in the doctor’s lounge, so she offers to go look for it. She steps away, and Dr. Montague sneaks back in.

Sasha continues to pace her cell and tells herself she will survive this. Suddenly Montague appears with a syringe, and she cries, No!”

Montague says he can see she’s confused, and this medicine will help her. Sasha screams for help, calling out that Dr. Montague is attacking her and she doesn’t consent to this medication. As he pins her to the bed, the door to her room bursts open.


At Sasha’s, Gladys calls to confirm her reservation at a resort in Central America with an open-ended stay. There is a knock at the door, and when Gladys doesn’t answer, Sam picks the lock to get in. Gladys asks what Sam’s doing breaking into her home. Finding her packing, Sam assumes Gladys didn’t hear her knocking… or maybe she did.

Gladys says she should call the cops on her for breaking in, so Sam tells her to call the cops, but that may delay this trip she’s planning. She finds it odd that she’s going on a trip when Sasha isn’t well and asks how Brando would feel about that. Gladys claims she doesn’t have to defend herself. Sam sits down and says she’s not going anywhere until Gladys absolves Sasha.

Gladys cries she wishes she could help Sasha, but everyone forgets she lost her son and grandchild too. Sam is sorry she went through that, but they have to help Sasha now. Gladys says Sasha has gotten worse since Cody kidnapped her, and it was her doctors and the police who chose to send her back to Ferncliff, so there is nothing she can do to help. Sam asks how she can say that after she took advantage of Sasha for money, and undermined her sobriety and sanity. Gladys states she doesn’t have to listen to this garbage and orders Sam out. When she opens the door, Sonny is standing there.

Gladys tells Sonny she doesn’t have time for him. Sonny tells her there is always time for family, and he is surprised to see Sam there. Sam says he has impeccable timing as she hasn’t been able to get through to Gladys, so maybe he can. Sonny asks what is going on?

Gladys claims Sam broke into her house, but Sam says she knocked, and Gladys didn’t answer. Gladys rants that perhaps she wanted to be left alone. Sam tells Sonny she managed to stop Gladys before she could run. Gladys swears it isn’t what it looks like, and claims Sam’s in on this with that thief Cody, and they are trying to swindle Sasha. Gladys claims it’s clear Sam is cheating on Dante with Cody because why else would she go to such lengths to help and protect him? Sonny tells Sam they’ve known one another a long time, and asks if any of what Gladys is saying is true. Sam of course denies it and says Cody is on Sasha’s side. Gladys continues to try and deflect and put everything on Sam and Cody. She says Sasha snapped, went back on drugs, and everything that happened to her was a tragedy. Sonny agrees, that what happened to Sasha was downright criminal.

Sonny sees Glady’s luggage, and she claims she’s taking a little vacation. Sam says that’s not true and accuses Gladys of running away before the truth about Sasha comes out. Gladys admits she’s leaving town because she can’t watch the disaster that Sasha’s life has become. Sonny says she’s her guardian, but Gladys can’t do anything while she’s in Ferncliff. She just wanted to get away and get her head on straight. Sonny asks how she’s going to pay for this trip, as he already knows she stole from Sasha to pay her debt to Selina. Gladys cries that’s not true. Sonny yells at her to shut up and informs her that he knows everything she’s done to Sasha.

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