General Hospital: [THIS] Unexpected Person Becomes Sasha’s Savior, Takes Gladys Down

Port Charles on General Hospital is home for too many mysteries, terrors and tragedies.

But it’s also home to love, complicated familial ties and chosen families.

Currently, Sasha is at the receiving end of a rather heart wrenching anguish at her mother-in-laws hands.

Her predicament has become so dire that at this time it is getting difficult to even judge how much more of it she can take before completely unraveling on the ABC soap. However, thankfully, she may not have to remain under duress for much longer! An unexpected person will soon stumble across the truth. But will they be able to take action before it is too late? Find out below!

Sasha Hangs By A Thread At Ferncliff
The minute Sasha decided that she wanted to take back control of her life on General Hospital, Gladys started conspiring against her. Unknown to Sasha, her mother-in-law had been skimming money from her account to cover her debts. However, if Sasha took back control of her finances, Gladys knew she would not be able to use any of it for her own reasons. Thus, she decided to push her daughter-in-law down a dark hole of drug relapse. All in hopes of keeping her clenches intact on Ssaha’s wealth.

Unfortunately, Gladys’ plan with her co-conspirator, Dr. Montague, will soon get abhorrently out of hand on General Hospital. So much so that even Gladys has become scared for Sasha’s fate. The preview video for the week of August 21-25. 2023, shows Gladys ashen at the sight of Sasha at Ferncliff. Aghast, she confronts Dr. Montague and commands him to stop whatever he is doing to her daughter-in-law. However, much to her shock, the psychiatrist tells her that he will stop only if she pays him handsomely to back off. It seems like Gladys has dug herself and Sasha too deep this time. However, there might still be some hope for the latter. But for Gladys, dark days are ahead!

Nina Finds Out Galdys’ Truth On General Hospital
Ever since Gladys and Dr. Montague started sabotaging Sasha, Cody Bell has been trying his bets to protect her. Unfortunately, he hasn’t had much success so far. But that maybe because the Soap Gods have another savior in mind for Brando’s widow. The latest General Hospital spoilers reveal that in the upcoming episodes, Nina Reeves will stumble upon some clues that may make her suspicious about Gladys’ involvement in Sasha’s crisis. But what will she do about it?

Nina and Sasha have had an interesting history on General Hospital. Back in the day, Valentin brought in Sasha to pretend as Nina’s long-lost daughter. However, after some time, Sasha coughed up the truth. The con-artist has since come a long way on the ABC soap. Sasha has even succeeded in maintaining loving terms with Nina Reeves. Hence, it is completely plausible that Nina might want to visit Sasha at Ferncliff. However, Gladys would not ever want that. Thus, she may try to stonewall Nina from seeing Sasha. And that’s when Nina will smell the rat!

She can be really fierce and tenacious when she sets her mind to something. Moreover, Gladys can’t really stand up against Nina for too long. It may have been easy for her to throw off Cody, but she can’t pull the same stunts with Sonny’s girl friend. Moreover, if Nina pulls in Sonny into the matter, Gladys is done for! Once the mobster with a heart of gold finds out what Brando’s mother has done to Sasha, he will surely bury her deep in the sea! But amidst all of this, will they really be able to get Sasha out of that hell-hole in time to save her sanity? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more General Hospital updates on Sasha’s fate.