Sad News: GH Star Jon Lindstrom’s Video Message To Friend John J. York Ends In Tears

Jon Lindstrom and John York have known each other for years.
The entire Soap Opera community is feeling the weight of this one.
As most of you know, John York (Max Scorpio) revealed that he is
battling two blood disorders. In this video, friend and co-star Jon Lindstrom (Kevin Collins/Ryan Chamberlain) speaks out about his friend.

General Hospital news and spoilers reveal an outpouring of support and love from all who know and admire General Hospital star, John J. York. Many of York’s close friends and colleagues have reach out out on social media to express their support.

Additionally, these messages also contain the link to add your name to the registry. If you’re between the ages of 18 and 40, please think about registering to become a potential donor. Want to see if you can Be a match for Mac? Then be sure to click on the link and it will direct you to John’s story and the link to register or give a donation.

John is optimistic and reassures fans that this is not a goodbye but a so long. Mac will be back. Meanwhile, let’s continue to rally for the return of the Mac!

Laura Who? Watch General Hospital’s Jon Lindstrom Make a Play for Another Woman

It’s time to lay out some cold, hard facts.

We hate to say General Hospital‘s Kevin should watch out… but his wife is playing a dangerous game! Never one to let a Cassadine get away with anything, Laura’s been working against Victor and we all know that those who do that have a bad habit of turning up dead! Ostensibly, that’s what happened to Luke (but we’re all sure he’s coming back at some point right??) and it’s definitely what happened to poor Eileen. And now even Anna’s been on the receiving end of Victor’s vengeance!

Victor’s determined to “save the world” or whatever his excuse for his villainy is, and if Laura isn’t careful, she could be the next one to end up dead! Then again, if he’s successful, pretty much everyone’s going to end up dead… But we digress. The point is, Kevin could find himself horrifically single sooner, rather than later!

And that, Jon Lindstrom could tell you, is not an easy place to be. In fact, we might even say that’s one of The Facts of Life! Yeah, you saw what we did there. Lindstrom’s been playing Kevin (and Ryan, before his latest death) for over thirty years — but it was far from his first role! That honor went to “Young Man” who appeared in the TV film The Facts of Life Goes to Paris.

My 1st on-camera speaking role. Before this I’d only done an “extra” job to get my SAG card. Once this scene wrapped they all flew to Paris. I drove home to Hollywood. Casting director was @EveBrandstein Thx Eve! #GH60 #TheFactsOfLifeGoesToParis

— Jon Lindstrom (@thejonlindstrom) April 6, 2023

When a fan shared a clip of Lindstrom’s first character getting shot down hard by Blaire (Who does she think she is??), the actor added some context when he retweeted. “My first on-camera speaking role. Before this I’d only done an ‘extra’ job to get my SAG card. Once this scene wrapped, they all flew to Paris. I drove home to Hollywood.”