Are GH's Jake Webber And Charlotte Cassadine Headed For Romance?

Charlotte Cassadine are considering a connection of the romantic kind.

It makes sense. They’re the only two of roughly the same age in town, it seems.

It worked for Cam to date Josslyn — no matter how badly that ended up turning out. But does it make sense for Jake and Charlotte, too?

General Hospital: No Blood Relation

It took us a moment to make sure they weren’t related. Charlotte (Scarlett Fernandez) is the biological daughter of Victor (James Patrick Stuart) and Lulu (Emme Rylan) – courtesy of a stolen embryo. Jake is the biological son of Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) and Jason (Steve Burton), but the legal son of Lucky (Jonathan Jackson). Lucky and Lulu are siblings. But Jake and Charlotte aren’t cousins. Not by blood, and they weren’t raised that way. So, one obstacle to romance cleared.

Jake Webber: Choices Are

We are a little concerned that they seem to be a couple by default. Neither one really has many other objects of affection. We think Jake and Charlotte are classmates now. Though we could swear, a couple of years ago, Charlotte was in the same grade as Jake’s little brother, Aiden, when she was mercilessly bullying the boy. But, sure, let’s say they’re the same age, too.

Grandmama’s Plot To Rule the World

But, honestly, our biggest concern is Helena (Constance Towers). She stole Lulu’s egg. She kidnapped Jake and held him prisoner for years while his family thought he was dead. She must have had a reason for doing both. Helena always has a reason for doing anything. What if this couple is what she’s been working towards all along?

If that’s the case, we strongly advise Jake and Charlotte to take it super-easy, until they’re sure they’re getting together of their own accord – and not due to some meddling from beyond the grave.

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