General Hospital’s Emme Rylan Shares a Doozy of a Lulu Update

Emme Rylan Shares a Doozy of a Lulu Update


There’s been a lot of talk about Lulu’s potential return on General Hospital lately. Heck, the Lulu bug has even bitten us!  Because we have to admit, the show bringing her to Port Charles and General Hospital does make it seem a whole heck of a lot more likely that her coma could be coming to an end soon.

In fact, there’s been so much talk that Emme Rylan took to Instagram a little while back to share an update because she was getting flooded with questions about if and when it was happening. But now Rylan’s taken to her Instagram stories to clarify a life update that might have fans a bit worried.

“Pretty much every time I post,” she shared, “I get a lot of questions about whether we’re living in St. Louis.” That sounds an awful lot like getting flooded with Lulu questions! And we’re going to take a stab in the dark here and guess that the fan curiosity might be connected.

“We are living in St. Louis pretty much for this school year,” Rylan clarified. Everything she and partner Don Money do right now can be done from home, so they aren’t tied to any specific place, she explained. “Absolutely nothing is changing workwise for us.”

But what does that mean if General Hospital decides it’s time for Lulu to wake up? After all, Rylan explained when talking about if and when Lulu was returning, she was told she’d be getting a call. Would she be able to do it?

It still seems likely. For one thing, it doesn’t sound like this is a permanent move. “We’re traveling around and we’re visiting tons of family that we haven’t seen since before COVID and just kind of taking a break outside of Los Angeles,” she explained. Because unless General Hospital calls, the entertainment world outside of daytime is still at a standstill.

“The strike is still going on for actors,” Rylan pointed out, “so yes, I’m here in St. Louis. Yes, my kids are going to school in St. Louis. And no, it changes absolutely nothing about work or our availability to work or anything. We’re just going to travel.”

So there we go! Rylan wouldn’t be the first soap actor to commute to work from outside the state, so if General Hospital decides it’s time to wake Lulu up while she’s in St. Louis, we could still be seeing her back on our screens in no time! For now, though, it does sound like a lovely break from the hustle of Los Angeles and we couldn’t be happier for Rylan and her family.