General Hospital Spoilers: Curtis Ashford The Intended Target For The Shooter, After All?

 Curtis Ashford The Intended Target For The Shooter, After All?

In the ever-evolving world of General Hospital (GH), we delve into the intriguing spoilers that promise unexpected twists on the horizon. Curtis Ashford is currently grappling with life-altering circumstances, confined to a wheelchair as a result of a shooting incident that transpired at the Metro Court pool earlier this summer. While the common belief is that either Anna Devane or Sonny Corinthos, brought to life by Maurice Benard, was the intended target, we’re here to explore an intriguing possibility – what if the shooter’s aim was Curtis all along?

The Selina Wu Factor

GH spoilers hint at the enigmatic presence of Selina Wu. Curtis’s newfound condition has piqued our curiosity, particularly in relation to Selina’s relentless pursuit of acquiring the Savoy. Could it be that Curtis’s predicament isn’t merely a consequence of fate, but a meticulously orchestrated plan to further Selina’s ambitions?

A tantalizing theory emerges – did Selina employ a hitman to orchestrate Curtis’s unfortunate circumstances, thereby facilitating her complete control over the Savoy for her high-stakes gambling activities? Curtis, burdened by his condition, might be coerced into selling, making it a win-win situation for Selina.

Selina Wu occupies a morally ambiguous space, straddling the line between good and evil. Her involvement in organized crime doesn’t paint her as the most honest individual in Port Charles. However, her previous acts, such as aiding Carly Spencer and Jason Morgan during a car explosion, demonstrate a sense of honor. Conversely, her ruthless approach to her gambling games at the Savoy, exemplified by planting Cody Bell to stack the odds against her players, showcases her darker side.

Could it be that the shooter has ties to Selina’s world, specifically her gambling operations, and intended for Curtis to be the casualty of their sinister plan?

Portia Robinson Continues to Lay Blame

An integral aspect of this intricate storyline is Curtis’s wife, Portia Robinson. Her initial reaction was to point the finger squarely at Anna for her husband’s condition, though she later offered a heartfelt apology for her outburst. Portia also distanced herself from Sonny when he attempted to approach her and Curtis during their hospital stay, evidently uncomfortable with the mob boss and super spy’s presence due to the shooting incident.

Portia’s unwavering stance against Anna and Sonny raises intriguing questions. What if the real target of the shooter was Curtis all along? If this revelation comes to light, Portia will have to navigate a sea of humility and make amends for her treatment of Curtis’s friends during this challenging time.

The notion that Curtis might have been the intended target from the outset opens up a world of possibilities. We invite you to share your thoughts and theories on this captivating General Hospital storyline. The plot thickens, and we’re eager to unravel the mysteries together.

Stay tuned for more General Hospital spoilers and updates as this compelling narrative unfolds.