GH Spoilers: Carly Updates Sonny, Ava’s Officially Missing, How Will They Handle It With Avery?

 Carly Updates Sonny, Ava’s Officially Missing, How Will They Handle It With Avery?

In a recent turn of events, General Hospital (GH) has taken an intriguing twist, with Carly Spencer set to deliver unsettling news to Sonny Corinthos. The news revolves around the mysterious disappearance of Ava Jerome, brought to life by Maura West. With Sonny’s recent return from his wedding in Puerto Rico, the impending question looms – how will they address the situation concerning Avery Jerome-Corinthos in the absence of her mother?

GH Spoilers – Seeking Leads

While Sonny and his entourage were immersed in the Puerto Rican festivities, an unexpected arrival, Pilar Rodriguez (Brenda Barbarena), came in search of Josslyn, desperately seeking answers. Ava had failed to collect her daughter, Avery, and her whereabouts remained a baffling enigma. Her voicemail, too, proved unreachable, swamped with unanswered queries.

The discovery of Ava’s cell phone and a grape sucker at Wyndemere, coupled with a broken martini glass, prompted Josslyn to enlist the technical prowess of Damian Spinelli. Spinelli, in turn, accessed the security cameras stationed outside Wyndemere’s front door, though the lamentable absence of internal cameras hindered their investigation. Nevertheless, Dexter (Dex) identified Mason Gatlin brandishing a firearm against Ava before spiriting her away from the island in a motorboat.

Sonny’s Fury Unleashed

Sonny, upon learning of these disconcerting developments, grapples with anger. Dex attempts to convey the events as best he can, but it becomes evident that their search must expand to Pautauk, the Gatlins’ place of origin. With Dante Falconeri joining their ranks, a relentless pursuit of Ava and Mason ensues.

Avery’s Dilemma

Carly recollects the time when Avery used to visit, partaking in playtime with Donna Corinthos during Sonny’s presumed demise. Avery’s inquiries about Sonny’s absence pose poignant questions. While custody is not at issue, the prospect of a young child losing her mother instills a sense of urgency.

The Heart-Wrenching Reality

The primary concern remains the ordeal a little girl would endure if Ava never returns home. The challenge lies in addressing her grief and providing her with the support she needs.

Hope and Preparation

In the midst of this turmoil, hope persists that Ava will be found safe and sound, and the unthinkable will not come to pass. Nevertheless, preparations must be made, and normalcy maintained for Avery. Her worry is kept at bay through distractions, and the broken phone excuse remains the prevailing narrative, although all parties are well aware of the actual circumstances. Avery’s burgeoning understanding makes it increasingly imperative to intensify the quest for Ava.

The Quest Continues

The dramatic tale unfolds as the search for Ava Jerome intensifies, and the cast of GH grapples with the weight of this emotional rollercoaster. In this crucial juncture, the fate of Avery and her missing mother hangs in the balance. Stay tuned for further developments and immerse yourself in the gripping world of General Hospital for more spoilers, news, and updates.