General Hospital Preview: Michael Learns Nina’s Earth-Shaking Secret

Michael Learns Nina’s Earth-Shaking Secret


In General Hospital’s preview for the week of October 9-13, is Nina’s time finally up? Read on for the scoop and watch the teaser video.

Last week Sonny suggested to Nina they elope on his private island, and she agreed. They told their friends and family about their plans, and Sonny asked Michael and Willow to attend, saying it would mean the world to him and Nina. They accept, but may soon wish they hadn’t! In the islands, as the wedding is about to begin, Michael takes a call from his contact at the SEC. He wants the name of the person who pointed the SEC toward his mom and Drew. He then slowly turns around in shock. It appears Michael knows Nina’s secret, the question is, how will he use what he knows?

Sonny asked Alexis for a favor last week, to use her paper to help expose the crooked Judge Kim for unfairly sentencing Drew. Coming up, Carly meets with Alexis and tells her there is proof of Judge Kim’s misdeeds, and she can get it for her.

Finally, Brook Lynn’s had it hard lately, what with her father thinking he’s Eddie Maine, and her grandmother costing her her job and friends at Deception. So how will she react when her mother shows up at her front door? Perhaps the better question is, how will Eddie react? Will he remember Lois?

and Brook Lynn is stunned when she opens the front door of the Quartermaine mansion to find her mother Lois standing there!