General Hospital: Lois Cerullos Confesses Her Undying Love For Eddie

Lois Cerullos Confesses Her Undying Love For Eddie

Ned Quartermaine’s story has been taking some really unexpected twists and turns currently on General Hospital. It all started when Nina ratted Carly and Drew to the SEC, and the blame fell on Ned. Later, due to an accident at Metro Court swimming pool, Ned lost his memory and floated back to his 90’s life. Back to the time when he went by his rock star alter-ego, Eddie Maine. Moreover, he forgot everything related to his life as Ned, Including his wife, Olivia Quartermaine. However, off-late the two of them have started to get quite comfortable with each other. And that just calls for trouble! Which we are about to get in the for of a blast fro the past, Lois Cerullo! So keep reading to find out what new storm is building in Port Charles!

Ned’s Ex Lois Curello Returns To Port Charles

The 1990’s were a crazy time for soap operas. But the decade also gave fans some of the most loved and celebrated on-screen couples. Eddie Maine and Lois Curello were one such couple on General Hospital. Their chemistry was sure shot fire. However, later, when Eddie had to slip back into his Ned Quartermaine persona and shoulder his responsibilities at ELQ, his romance with Lois fizzled out. She could not handle Eddie’s Ned side and well, the Quartermaine family. Thus, she parted ways with him and skipped town.

However, now, Rena Sofer is all set to revive Lois for General Hospital. She will be returning to the fold sometime in October. And honestly, we can’t wait for it! The spoilers tease that initially Lois might blaze into PC to stand in support of her daughter, Brook Lynn Quartermaine. So viewers can expect to see some intense showdowns between her and Tracy. Oh for the love of old days! The two never got along even in the 90’s! However, what we are waiting for is to see what happens when she meet Ned/Eddie!

Lois’ Return Stirs Trouble For Olivia and Eddie’s Budding Romance On General Hospital

When Lois left Port Charles, Eddie Maine had faded into oblivion, and Ned had taken over. However, now when Lois returns, she will realize that Ned has transformed into Eddie again. The man she fell so madly in love with on General Hospital. It is natural to expect that old memories and feeling might come rushing back to both of them. In fact, there is even a possibility that Lois might make a huge and life changing confession. She may admit to Eddie that even though she left, she never really got over him!

What will happen then? Will Eddie respond with a similar sentiment? He truly did love Lois too! But if that happens, what will happen to the connection that is slowly but steadily building between him and Olivia? Will it fizzle out? Or are we about to see a new love triangle with Olivia and Lois locking horns over Eddie Maine? And if that happens, who would you be cheering for? Tell us in the comments.