Sam Shows Dante Proof That Sasha Was Being Drugged, And Robert Brings Anna to Tears

Sam Shows Dante Proof That Sasha Was Being Drugged, And Robert Brings Anna to Tears

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We open with Brook Lynn and Eddie talking about their mutual efforts to avoid Tracy. Ned is surprised to hear that BLQ is taking a meeting which could once again make her a music manager. The client she wants to work with? Blaze. Brook Lynn says perhaps she can rep Eddie too, but he’s not sure he has a future. Why? Marshall offered him a gig at the Savoy… contingent on him finishing the song he’s been writing, but he has major writer’s block. BLQ suggests that Eddie should consider inviting Olivia to his performance.


Meanwhile, Olivia is daydreaming about her “date” the previous evening with Eddie. Anna interrupts to ask if she can look at the security footage from the corridor, catching Liv off guard, given that she knew nothing about the security break-in. Confused as to why Nina didn’t fill her in, Olivia apologizes on behalf of the hotel and asks who might have been responsible.

At Anna’s behest, Olivia begins looking for the footage of the corridor outside the suite. They discover the footage is missing and has been erased from the server. After Anna leaves, Liv calls Nina to discuss the break-in and missing footage. Nina claims the footage was already missing when she went to look at it, then hangs up quickly as Charlotte — who spent the night in the guest room — enters. The two of them head to Kelly’s for breakfast.

Nina tries to question Carly about Charlotte’s recent visits, clearly trying to ascertain if what the girl has been saying about how she spends her time is true. Their tense exchange is interrupted by the teen in question, who asks if they’re talking about her. Carly calms the situation by telling Charlotte how much she reminds her of Lulu at that age. “I know you adore your dad, but don’t forget you’re a Spencer, too,” urges Carly.

Olivia calls the Metro Court’s security company, putting them on blast and demanding to know how this happened. She’s in full-blown rant mode when Eddie arrives. “Bad time?” he asks. She apologizes. Upon hearing that Marshall asked him to perform at the Savoy, Olivia excitedly pulls Eddie into a hug. She then pulls back, embarrassed by her display, and tries to go back into business mode.

Freaking out about what’s happening with Charlotte, Valentin tells Nina he has to figure out the extent of his daughter’s crimes. Nina points out that at some point, he’s going to need to get the girl help. Did Charlotte burn down Anna’s house, Valentin wonders, but Nina says that’s impossible to imagine. Spiraling, the concerned dad realizes he has no clue what Charlotte’s been up to in his absence.

Valentin heads to the police station, insisting upon speaking to Dante. Valentin says that he’s taking steps to make sure that he and Charlotte are living together, thanking Dante (and an absent Sam) for taking his daughter in while he was away. Dante suggests Charlotte be allowed to come by occasionally, given that she and Rocco were getting along so well. “Believe me,” Val replies, “I now know more than ever how important family is.” Dante asks Valentin’s opinion on the break-in, and Cassadine says that the person was clearly trying to unsettle Anna… and they succeeded!


Drew calls Carly, admitting he has no information for her to pass along to Sonny… unaware that a few feet away, Cyrus is lurking and listening. She makes him promise to be careful. After he hangs up, a guard approaches with information about Austin. The guard says the doctor came to see one of the inmates who’d been beaten up, not mentioning Cyrus. Of course, seconds later Cyrus meets with the guard, thanks him for his lie and promises to make sure the man’s son is taken care of. Cyrus later tells Drew that the warden is about to put the prison on lockdown. When Drew worries that will only serve to raise tensions in the facility, Cyrus recommends he “keep your head down, stay invisible.”

Over a working breakfast at the Metro Court, Robert tells Diane that he may have a way to help Drew. (As an added bonus? He gets to spend time with the attorney!) Robert’s found evidence that Drew’s judge may be trying to make himself look good by punishing not so much Drew, but rather Carly and, by extension, her ex-husband. “Once again,” sighs Diane, “all roads lead to Sonny!” Diane is in the middle of figuring out the next step when Robert cuts her off, saying he needs to talk with the just-arrived Anna. Diane tries to hide her jealousy, but eats her toast with a vengeance that indicates the little green monster inside her is hungry.

As Diane exits, a sour expression firmly planted on her face, Robert presents Anna with a box. Inside? A digital picture frame he has loaded with photos from the past, including their wedding pic and one of them with Robin. Overwhelmed, Anna cries while flipping through the photos, which she’d assumed were lost forever in the fire.

“You were more upset about losing those pictures than you were the house,” points out Robert, so he called in a few favors. “This means the world to me,” she admits. “And you mean the world to me,” he responds.

Dante fills Sam in on his progress, saying he’s working to get both Sasha’s toxicology reports and Gladys’ bank records. But things aren’t moving as quickly as his girlfriend would like. They compare notes and discuss how to get the goods on Montague and Gladys. Looking over at Willow, who is excited about her first day back at the 10th floor nurse’s station, Sam tells her beau “I think I have a way to get it.”

Sam shares with Willow her theory about Montague drugging Sasha. Willow admits Sasha’s behavior never made sense and agrees to get Sasha’s toxicology report from the night she stabbed Cody. After inspecting the record, Sasha confirms Sam’s theory. Sam takes the record to Dante and explains there were two drugs in Sasha’s system, including one which pushed her over the edge thanks to hallucinations. The problem? As Dante puts it, “How do we prove it?”

In the closing moments, Diane arrives at Kelly’s and tells Carly that she’s getting closer to helping Drew. Across the room, seated at the counter, Charlotte tells Nina that she and “papa” will be living together again soon. Trepidatiously, Nina asks, “And Anna?” A cloud seems to pass over Charlotte’s face as she says, “Yeah, that’s ok.” And at the Metro Court restaurant, Anna turns to see Valentin exiting the elevator, the tension of the situation clear on both of their faces…