General Hospital Spoilers: Kristen Vaganos Joins GH as Molly Recast

Kristen Vaganos Joins GH as Molly Recast – Brooke Anne Smith OUT

General Hospital (GH) spoilers reveal that Molly Lansing-Davis once again has a new look since the show’s brought on yet another recast. The September 27 episode brought Kristen Vaganos’ debut and confirmed that the role of Molly will now be played by her.

All the Molly drama started when Haley Pullos’ freeway collision and legal issues forced her to vacate the role abruptly.

That led to Holiday Mia Kriegel being brought on the show as an emergency recast back in May.

By July, Brooke Anne Smith made her first appearance as a Molly recast, but most viewers can agree that was a major casting blunder. Smith wasn’t the right age and just didn’t fit the vibe that previous actresses had established for Molly at all.

Of course, many GH fans voiced their disapproval on social media and swiftly called for the show to undo their mistake.

Perhaps Smith would’ve been fine in another role, but the show set her up to fail by giving her a part that wasn’t meant for her.

It was better to go ahead and make a change now, so that’s thankfully what TPTB did. Smith is out, so Kristen Vaganos can settle in as the official new Molly and hopefully make the role her own.

As for Vaganos’ previous projects, she’s been part of multiple TV series like Bulge Bracket, Serial Soulmate and Bound for Glory.

You might have seen her in movies like My Sweet Holiday, I Am Lisa and Secret Society of Lies as well.

Vaganos is already receiving a positive response on social media now that she’s appeared in her first GH episode, so that’s a good sign.

Since fans have been clamoring for a different Molly Lansing-Davis, the show has hopefully made the right choice.

Although Kristen Vaganos hasn’t had any super dramatic scenes in Port Charles yet, she had a natural ease on camera and looks the part of a Davis sister.

Let’s hope this Molly casting saga is finally over so that the focus can be on the story instead of all the casting news!

General Hospital spoilers say Molly’s surrogacy storyline will come with some twists and turns, so stick with us for updates on what’s brewing.